A world of your very own creation

I believe in creating my own world.

I sometimes have to remind myself that I am creating it. Usually I have to remind myself of this when things aren’t what I really desire. Yes I have to remind myself that I create the unwanted just as I create the wanted.

I truly create my world through how I think, how I perceive and how I react.

If I don’t like something and I keep focusing on it, I will get more of it…the thing I don’t like. On the other hand if I focus on what I want, appreciate what I want, talk about what I want, feel good about what I want….the opportunities to get my true desire will come into focus. In other words I will be able to see how to achieve my goals because I am looking for what I want. My radar will pick up the signals of what I desire because my radar isn’t clouded by the crap I don’t want.

One key is Focus, I must be careful of what I am focusing on. Often I forget and suddenly when I’m not getting what I want, I relize that I have slipped and am not focused on the right things, goals or feelings.

Another key is Imagination. Without imagination, there would be no creation. None.

Before the light bulb came into existence, it had to be imagined. Before the computer? Yes it was imagined. Before television, photographs, bridges, cities…..yes it was all imagined into reality.

Imagination shapes our perception. Imagination affects our reactions, our feelings and ultimately our reality.

Imagine beauty and you will find it. Imagine good and you will find that too. Imagine success and guess what, success will become yours.

….”Wanna change the world? There’s nothing to it”…

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