A three way date rape

Controversial would be a good adjective to describe this Christmas classic.

Originally written by  Frank Loesser in 1944, Dean Martin is probably most remembered for his release of it on his album A Winter Romance in 1959. Many credit the woman on his 1959 release as Doris Day when in fact it wasn’t her but a chorus of women. Dean Martin originally performed the duet of this song with Marylin Maxwell on his radio show with Jerry Lewis called the “Martin and Lewis Show” in 1949.

Since, to me at least, Martin embodies the essence of the cocktail swilling date rapey kind of playboy this tune portrays, we will start this three way date rape sing off with his original 1949 version.

Dean Martin & Marylin Maxwell – Baby It’s Cold Outside – 1949

Then in 2010, Glee gave it a twist by having two males, Blaine & Kurt, sing this tune as a “practice” run for Blaine as he was getting ready for a performance. Glee fans were already wishing for these two to get together so the teasing undertones were most overwhelming. The sexual attraction between them is evident. Besides it’s just adorable to watch these two.

Darren  Criss & Chris Colfer – Glee Season 2 Episide 10 – Baby It’s Cold Outside – 2010

Then leave it to Lady GaGa and Joseph Gordon Levitt to reverse the previous male and female roles in their playfully fabulous 2013 rendition.

Lady GaGa & Joseph Gordon Levitt – Baby It’s Cold Outside – 2013

So wether it’s boy on girl, boy on boy or girl on boy, it’s a playful fun tune but with sexual connotations that are somewhat date rapey. However I do not think that was the original intention of Frank Loesser when he wrote it in 1944. It is rumored he wrote and performed it as a duet with his wife, Lynn Garland, to close their annual Holiday party that year.

Is there a girl on girl version I’ve missed?

‘Tis the season

Fearsome remembers watching the very episode of Glee, from whee this clip comes, the night it aired. He swooned. For the first time ever he witnessed two men sing this duet. For both of us it was a fantasy come true.

Not only a fantasy come true but one of the best performances of this classic ever.

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Glee



Beware! Small soapbox ahead…

Xmas time is here.

Yes I spelled Christmas just like that, Xmas.

I was reprimanded in the past by a one time commenter about just that. Imagine.

A little history while we are on the title subject of tradition:

As a child in the 1960s and 1970s I was taught by my mother that Xmas was a perfectly acceptable way to write Christmas. She was not only a church going woman but a member of the choir, in good standing I might add. She wrote “Merry Xmas” on all of her cards when signing them, I noticed many cards we received were the same. I had never been told otherwise so when I was reprimanded via this here blog thingy’s comment section early in my blogging days I decided to investigate this hubaloo…

See this SMALL excerpt of what I find:
“The word “Christ” and its compounds, including “Christmas”, have been abbreviated in English for at least the past 1,000 years, long before the modern “Xmas” was commonly used. “Christ” was often written as “Xρ” or “Xt”; there are references in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as far back as 1021. This X and P arose as the uppercase forms of the Greek letters χ (Ch) and ρ (R) used in ancient abbreviations for Χριστος (Greek for “Christ”),.[1] The labarum, an amalgamation of the two Greek letters rendered as ☧,[note 1] is a symbol often used to represent Christ in Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christian Churches.[19]

The labarum, often called the Chi-Rho, is a Christian symbol representing Christ.

The labarum, often called the Chi-Rho, is a Christian symbol representing Christ.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and the OED Supplement have cited usages of “X-” or “Xp-” for “Christ-” as early as 1485. The terms “Xtian” and less commonly “Xpian” have also been used for “Christian”. The OED further cites usage of “Xtianity” for “Christianity” from 1634.[1] According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage, most of the evidence for these words comes from “educated Englishmen who knew their Greek”.[11]

In ancient Christian art, χ and χρ are abbreviations for Christ’s name.[20] In many manuscripts of the New Testament and icons, Χ is an abbreviation for Χριστος,[21] as is XC (the first and last letters in Greek, using the lunate sigma);[22] compare IC for Jesus in Greek.”

The relief I feel for not actually removing Christ from Xmas is absolutely liberating!

I can now continue my family’s tradition of writing Xmas.

I can also start a new tradition by re-posting one of my favorite performances of one of my favorite Xmas season holiday tunes ever…yeah!

A world of your very own creation

I believe in creating my own world.

I sometimes have to remind myself that I am creating it. Usually I have to remind myself of this when things aren’t what I really desire. Yes I have to remind myself that I create the unwanted just as I create the wanted.

I truly create my world through how I think, how I perceive and how I react.

If I don’t like something and I keep focusing on it, I will get more of it…the thing I don’t like. On the other hand if I focus on what I want, appreciate what I want, talk about what I want, feel good about what I want….the opportunities to get my true desire will come into focus. In other words I will be able to see how to achieve my goals because I am looking for what I want. My radar will pick up the signals of what I desire because my radar isn’t clouded by the crap I don’t want.

One key is Focus, I must be careful of what I am focusing on. Often I forget and suddenly when I’m not getting what I want, I relize that I have slipped and am not focused on the right things, goals or feelings.

Another key is Imagination. Without imagination, there would be no creation. None.

Before the light bulb came into existence, it had to be imagined. Before the computer? Yes it was imagined. Before television, photographs, bridges, cities…..yes it was all imagined into reality.

Imagination shapes our perception. Imagination affects our reactions, our feelings and ultimately our reality.

Imagine beauty and you will find it. Imagine good and you will find that too. Imagine success and guess what, success will become yours.

….”Wanna change the world? There’s nothing to it”…

Fearsome, a sentimental Capricorn

The Christmas season is a sentimental time for many. Fearsome is a sentimental beard. The traditions, music, memories, decorations, rituals and spirit all seem to coincide into a yearly sentimental journey for us. All one must do is add up the holiday hubbub with the wrapping up of a year past and the prospect of a birthday nearly a week after a new year arrives to realize the emotional experience we embrace. The sentiments give us solace as we set our goals for not only a new year, but yet another trip around the ball of fire to which we rise each day.

Therefore it is comforting for our soul to establish and continue a tradition, or four. Last year was Fearsome’s first holiday season in blog land, well at least as an actual blogger. He had a post or two he feels he may repeat with yet an updated interpretation. So this is sort of a warning. If you see something familiar just enjoy it and look for possible nuances that Fearsome may take, or that you yourself may notice differently. We all change throughout time. Hopefully we grow. With growth our priorities change and morph. I like to call it developing character. Kind of like those little teeny tiny lines residing on my face…character.

Enough of being a sentimental, on with establishing tradition. Our favorite rendition of a holiday classic:

Fearsome and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we do. For an encore we decided to add this 1949 version from Neptune’s Daughter featuring none other than Esther Williams and Ricardo Mantalban:


Off with your head!

Fearsome loved this episode of Glee. Obviously because it took him back to one of those defining moments of his youth. He was but a young and somewhat scraggly beard at the time. He did not know he wasn’t thick and full yet, he just knew he was a beard.

He spent his high school youth in the very early 1980s leading the marching band for two seasons as Drum Major. Thanks to him I was known all over southwest Virginia as that flamboyant Drum Major with the beard and big diamond earring. Beards were not in at the time and neither were men with earrings.

Every Friday evening of the fall football season was spent entertaining rowdy high school crowds during half time. We loved our white satin corps style uniform complete with gold pleats, gold ascot and Aussie hat adjourned with the long gold feather. We led the band onto the field, directed them as the music energized the fans in attendance and danced our ass off on that little platform in front.

After graduation we continued by teaching drill team to area high school band camps each summer, coreographing field shows and inspiring those students that followed behind us. It was enjoyable summer work to help pay our way through college. All the while as I grew into adulthood, Fearsome grew into a fuller, thicker and more mature  beard. We even had the honor of witnessing the joy in our students eyes as they won awards in field show competitions. Those students won those awards themselves through hard work and dedication. We only gave them the tools, they are the ones who used the tools and proved they could excel.

When we first saw this episode we couldn’t help but re-live the experiences of our youth. In honor of the fall season and Halloween we felt this an appropriate video to start up the holiday weekend.

Full screen is even better!

A world of my own creation

Fearsome Beard's Blog Turns One Today

Fearsome Beard’s Blog Turns One Today

June 1, 2014 I had no idea what would happen here. I had named Fearsome and registered his blog. I posted a picture of Fearsome with a Lily bloom in my front yard. 28,372 views and several hundred followers later we are humbled.

We laugh, cry, create, dream, think, love, dance and share. We believe that we create our own realities through our thoughts, perceptions, choices and reactions. As we grow and interact with you and the world around us we learn different perspectives and then make better choices.

With gratitude and appreciation we look forward to where we go in year two. May this day be wonderful!