In loving memory

It’s with sadness that I write that Nichelle Nichols has passed away.

The Star Trek character of Officer Lt. Uhura was one that shaped my view of the world as a child in the 1960s. For me black women belonged as people of responsibility who made things work, all because of her. She was not only part of, but important . She was there in front of me every week in a show I idolized. I had no idea that women of color weren’t actually equal in any way at the time as I was too young. Therefore her character shaped this young white boy’s view of the world toward equality and acceptance. For that I am grateful.

For many people, especially those of color, she was an inspiration at a time of oppression and segregation.

I had the honor of meeting her in person at Comic Con in 2018.

Nichelle Nichols and Fearsome at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) July 21, 2018

In my hand is a toy called a Pop. It was of her as Uhura and she signed it. I treasure it and this photo today. As you can see we shared a moment of joy together. Her support staff was so taken with her obsession with Fearsome they even took photos with their phones for themselves. We were all laughing as she tugged on him. Her presence uplifted me that day and I’ll never forget the moment. She was truly a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul.

Nichelle, thank you for shaping a generation toward betterment. You’ve left behind a legacy that will not be forgotten as you have given inspiration to millions.


Uhura Pop


Comic Con Day 4

What a wonderful Con after a two year hiatus due to Covid they pulled it off and did it well. All attendees had to either show full vaccination or a negative Covid test to get in and everyone inside the venue, some 135,000 people, wore masks with no issues and we had a safe and wonderful time. 2022 was a success and cheers to 2023!

Fearsome and Buzz

Disasterina again!

Fearsome at the Monster High challenge game (he lost)

Fearsome around the campfire with Sponge Bob


Fearsome appearing on Patrick’s TV special

Fearsome with his greeter on the final morning

Until next year!

Comic Con day 2


Crazy Fun Day!

Entering to the convention floor

Beavis  & Butthead, The Better Half and Fearsome

Mariachi Deadpool


Lucas Films

Dr. Squatch

…Can’t remember his name…

Don’t know this one either

Spider-Man Dinosaurs eat Fearsome

Deadpool flirts with hot man

Fearsome meets a bearded lady

Boba and friends

Fearsome and his best new Alien friend

Goteblood and Fearsome (note that Goteblood is on my shirt and is the creation of Ed Luce in the Wuvable Oaf comic series)

Fearsome with Ed Luce

Comic Con Day 1

San Diego Comic Con, SDCC, started last evening with preview night. I apologize for being lazy and not taking any photos last night. Today I took a few and promise more to come. Here are a few to get us started.

Fearsome with a couple Greeters

Morning line behind me

Morning line in front of me



Baby Yoda

Disasterina & Fearsome

Captian America Spiderman

A couple on the street

Starfleet Watering Hole