I’m gonna let you see me

It turns out that our beard of the day is not just another pretty beard but a talented pretty beard. His deep house rhythms will get your toes tappin’ and booty shakin’ to start the weekend.

The courage given to any of us through the vulnerability of letting someone truly see us is liberating. May I continue to grow allowing my vulnerabilities to show even if it’s just a little at a time. May the beauty of being ourselves, of being human, help us to shine beyond ourselves inspiring others to grow, give and share.

Unscripted Authenticity.

AB Soto, See Me.

Red Ramen Red Ramen

One of my recently discovered secret personal YouTube indulgences is The Katering Show. I find it hilarious and Fearsome gets in some good giggles with each episode.

After some discussion between us we decided to bring McCartney and McKlennan to Fearsome Beard for their beard blog debut. We certainly hope you find them as entertaining as we do.


It’s a Beautiful Morning!

I awoke before sunrise this morning as my little dog Patsy jumped right in the middle of me to give me a morning kiss right in my very own bed. Damn it’s good to be home.

Beautiful is a state of mind. I believe it’s a state of mind each and every one of us can put ourselves in at any time we choose. I find all I need to do is appreciate the simple things that enrich my life at that very moment and everything begins to shift toward a better, beautiful and fulfilling state of being.

May your day be beautiful!

Movie Beard

The phrase “Friendship is Magic” is usually associated with this show:

My Little Pony, which is one of Fearsome’s favorites. He qualifies as a “Brony” in my book. Although I have to admit I rather enjoy the cartoon myself.

I am on the east coast visiting family at the moment, as is evident by yesterday’s Beard of the Day featuring my nephew, his son and Fearsome Himself. Being on the east coast means I’ve spent some time aboard yet another United Airlines 737-900. Flying means movie time.

My physical therapist, who has been taking great care of the shoulder, recommended a couple movies that were her all time favorites. She seems to be a spirit that is rather kindred to my own, so I took her up on her recommendation. On this flight out I chose to watch this one:

Fearsome and I agree that there is one word that sums up our feelings about this film. That word is “Beautiful”.

It is one of those late 1980s flicks that we somehow had missed. We are indebted to the physical therapist for her recommendation, kindred spirit she is. This film grabbed us, held us and enriched us.

What the hell does My Little Pony have to do with Bagdad Cafe?

There is a common message. Friendship truly is magic. All we need to do is be open to friendship, cherish friendship and cherish each other. We all have common threads. We simply must just allow ourselves to show the least amount of vulnerability and magic happens.

We give this film two mustache tips curled up!


This is one of my absolute favorite uplifting videos. Back in the beginnings of Fearsome Beard we posted this in its entirety. That old link has been removed. This copy is also in its entirety thus we post it again for sharing.

We believe this video to be a gift from Maya and that it should be given and shared freely in its entirety.

Share this with yourself, share this with the ones you love you wish to uplift. She is love.

She is hope.