Keep It Comin’ Love

Business goal number 1 ;

My best year ever! Top producing agent with more than 15 million in closed sales.

So how was business for me on the first business day of the year? Fantastic!

I listed two properties into our MLS today and already sold one at $310,000 and have showings lined up for the other at $2,195,000. I spoke with one of my buyers who will be looking at a new listing in the neighborhood Saturday at $2,599,000 and had another new buyer prequalified for a $700,000 purchase.

What do I have to say to The Universe about this?

Thanks KC, no one could say it better!

Even God gets termites

First Presbyterian Church Downtown San Diego

First Presbyterian Church Downtown San Diego

So I am driving to physical therapy today, six months after surgery still at it, and I cracked up seeing this huge old church completely tented for termite extermination. What a sight. I couldn’t help myself and stoped to snap a photo. Passers by probably thought I was a tourist.

I particularly liked that they had tied the tents around the concrete crosses on the tops of the gables. Wouldn’t want to cover those up and leave anyone wondering what the building was underneath now would we.

Humor aside, a church under a termite tent reminds me that nothing in this world is exempt from the cycle that is our universe. All things come into being, go through being and go out of being. There is and always will be birth, growth, service and decline. It reminds me not to fight the cycle but to go with the flow and make the most out of each and every stage. We might be able to slow down the cycle through proper care, but the inevitable will one day come.

That tent reminds me to live the life I have been given. It reminds me of my blessings no matter what stage I am experiencing in the cycle that is my life.

I wonder if termites go to heaven?

First Place

God Sons grow up.

The older God Son is now a sophomore at Cal Poly and is currently spending a semester outside Madrid. The younger is a junior in high school and busy performing with his dance troupe.

Both excel at what they do and are proof that hard work pays off. Hard work on their parts as well as the hard work of their parents. Being part of their lives has been one of my greatest blessings.

Winning first place takes work. Long hours of hard, yet enjoyable work. God Son, the younger, along with the other hard working members of his dance troupe just did exactly that. They worked hard at something they love and their passion paid off.

Future Shock San Diego took first place in their category at Maxt Out 2016 in Los Angeles. (unfortunately the video owner makes you click all the way through to YouTube to watch but it’s worth it)

I’m not even going to begin trying to pick him out for you …but if I tried your may first spot him clearly as the single one pop to standing up in the middle at 0.21. No real need to try to spot him as the precision of these kids is amazing. Each and everyone a winner.

These kids have passion. These kids work hard. These kids respect each other. These kids are a team. These kids are now young adults. Young adults whom can work together like this inspire me and give me hope.

Fearsome is one of many adjectives that applies.

Hard work is fearsome.

Voting Ballots and The Magic Eight Ball

This is a big election. It’s a big election in every possible way. It’s a big election even in the size of the California ballot. My Ballot was two pages each 18 inches long and double sided. Initiatives and candidates totaled 41 votes.


I’ve read and reasearched all of them. I made the choices that resonated not only with me, but what I feel was best for our community and what would best benefit our environment. I feel as the species that was gifted with the abilities that we have we are also given the biggest responsibility. My belief is that the biggest resposibility that befalls us is not only all of our fellow inhabitants of the planet but the planet itself. I believe that the greatest wealth is the sharing of wealth. I believe that a society is only as good as it treats those who are the weakest among said society.

Only one proposition left me in such a dilemma that I had to break out the Magic Eight Ball. Seriously. California’s Proposition 64 which would legalize recreational marijuana use tore at me.


Being a sober man I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve smoked a lot of pot. A lot. Pot wasn’t my drug of choice, booze was, but I always had it around. When I quit drinking I didn’t throw my pot out, but I never picked it up again either. I decided to be sober period.

I know that prohibition was more harm than good when it came liquor. I know that marijuana laws cost the state money. I know that legalizing and taxing pot would increase our states coffers. I don’t truly believe pot should be illegal. That all being said I don’t really believe that making it more available helps society overall nor as a sober person do I desire to promote more use of intoxicants. However I know from my own use that the laws did not stop me and that it was very easy to get. Very.

So I asked my dear Magic Eight Ball that I keep on my coffee table for important life decisions such as this one. “Dear Magic Eight Ball, should I vote to make marijuana legal in California?”

Wouldn’t you know that of all its answers I got this one:


I cracked up. Reply Hazy…LOL.

Oh how I remember those days!

Tonkinese Cat or a Badger?

When curled up with a good Harry Potter book have you ever wondered how you would fit into the wonderful wizardry world? In what house the sorting hat would place you? When wondering Diagonal Alley the first time which wand would choose you? Cornered by dark magic what Patronus will you have at your side aiding in your defense?

Yesterday I discovered THIS SITE and found out for myself a little of what my wizardry experience would be.


Of corse Fearsome wouldn’t hear of being left out…


Looks like we would be busy living in two separate houses and managing two very different Patronus. Fearsome is more than a handful, but he says that about me.

Street Wisdom

Walking through San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood after visiting Winn’s Barber shop for a new flattop, Fearsome  chuckled out loud when he saw these true words of advertising…

As seen in front of Empire House

As seen in front of Empire House


Cruising you tube while doing our physical therapy excercises the other night we stumbled upon this Beradilizer video ad featuring Marty Ray of the Marty Ray Project. Good clean beard entertainment it is.

Beardspirations they are.

We haven’t ever tried any Beardilizer products so we cannot vouch for their quality. We will put them on our list of future products to try.

Fearsome particularly likes the scene where the beard is blowing in the breeze out of the car window. I just wouldn’t like dealing with all the tangles after such an adventure but I’d gladly get over it.

Fearsome is well on his way to longer lengths than previously experienced. Wish him luck. Maybe one day he will reach the greatness of these.

Oh, my shoulder you asked since I mentioned physical therapy? It’s doing well. We are 8 weeks out and getting lots of movement back. This is work though, hard freakin’ work. The range of motion is not easy due to the scar tissue. With Fearsome’s encouragement I will get there.