Abner turns 7


Abner came to live with us 5 years ago today. Since he was dropped at an emergency vet with multiple injuries and no information we do not know his actual birthday nor age. He was estimated to be about 2 years old at the time. We adopted him from the pound where he had received veterinary care for his eviserated eye, multiple lacerations and broken foot.

We decided that his adoption day would be his birthday and since he started his life with us at about 2 he would be 7 years old today.

Abner is a happy boy. Abner is an inspiration. Abner is pure joy. Abner is a blessing.

Happy Birthday Abner!

Happy Birthday Mitzi!

Mitzi is 15 today!

Mitzi is 15 today!

Blowing out her candle...

Blowing out her candle…

Everyone wants in on her gift...more Itty Bitty Tennis Balls!

Everyone wants in on her gift…more Itty Bitty Tennis Balls! (And some stuffed pumpkin toys are hiding up on the counter for everyone, Yeah!)

15 years …Mitzi we love you, we wish you a very happy birthday and wish for many healthy loving years ahead!

Patsy’s turn

Today is Patsy’s day to have a birthday!

Our undocumented immigrant. We couldn't love her more.

Our undocumented immigrant. We couldn’t love her more.

More of her story is HERE.

We had a celebration for her last evening and by bedtime she was content and happy.

Warm and content.

Warm and content.

We find that our dogs have much to teach us about the true happiness of contentment, peace, companionship and unconditional love.

We love you Patsy and wish you a very happy 7th birthday!

Someone is 12 today

Gilda is the one who picked me. I’ve written about her before. She simply stepped into the street one day 10 years ago …right in front of my car. She proceeded to sit down right there in the street and look at me. I instantly knew I had a new dog. I got out and didn’t walk toward her but simply opened the rear door to the car. She looked at me and walked to the open door and climbed into the rear seat. She’s lived with us ever since.

We attempted to get her back to her owner. Thank god they didn’t want her. It’s a more complicated story than just that, but she is and was worth the drama. We found out that she was two years old and her birthday was in June. We don’t know the actual date but since she found us about June 1, we celebrated that day as her birthday.

Happy Biryhday Gilda! You are the most wonderful Belgian Sheepdog in the world!

Happy Biryhday Gilda!
You are the most wonderful Belgian Sheepdog in the world!

Home awaits

At this very moment I sit here:

View from my seat in the United Club at Dulles.

View from my seat in the United Club at Dulles.

….and I am on my way here:

Patsy, Virgil &  Mitzi waiting for me on the couch. (Photo just taken and text to me by The Better Half)

Patsy, Virgil & Mitzi waiting for me on the couch. (Photo just taken and text to me by The Better Half)

I love the journey that is life!


The hardest part

I love travel. I do it often.

The hardest part? Leaving the pups behind.



Just after boarding the plane headed back east this morning the better half sent me this photo. Isn’t she beautiful? I think so.

With anticipation I will see what adventures I find in this weeks east coast travel. I’ll make a few notes along the way. I hope you enjoy the ride along with me.

Humane Leaders’ Circle


That’s the goal, Zero.

Zero adoptable and treatable pets being euthanized. Through medical treatment and behavioral rehabilitation all pets in permanent homes. Period.


We adopted our beloved Abner through our county dog pound as a spirit fund dog. He was a medical patient that required thousands of dollars worth of medical care to save his life and make him adoptable. The dog attack had left this little six pound poodle with multiple lacerations, an evicerated eye, many stitches and a broken foot. Today he is a happy and healthy nine pound cream colored poodle thanks to the generosity of people who cared to give to make him an adoptable boy.

Abner in March 2012 newly adopted.

Abner in March 2012, newly adopted.

Abner today a happy healthy boy.

Abner today, a happy healthy boy.

With Abner’s inspiration The Better Half and I set a goal to make the San Diego Humane Society a charity one of our choice charities. We set a goal to be able to give significantly as time progressed. Every dollar helps, every single one. We have been giving what we could as we went along. Thanks to the many blessings in our life, today we stepped up to the plate. We gave our first of hopefully many significant donations and joined the Humane Leaders’ Circle (go ahead click the link embedded there and learn more).

Zero. Zero euthanized is the goal. No kill, no way, not ever. Spay, neuter, foster, adopt, give. Forever homes is the ultimate goal. Years from now I hope this entry is one I will look back on with tears of gratitude for all we will have done to help. One little step at a time, each little step in the right direction, will make a big difference. Someone’s donation made all the difference for Abner. Abner made all the difference for us. It’s time for us to pay it forward.

Waiting for Dad

The crew:

The crew: Nina, Patsy, Gilda, Virgil, Abner & Mitzi


Home isn’t the 95 year old two story craftsman house we live in. Home is the love we share within its walls. Tonight I’ll be back sharing the love in person with my husband of 25 years and our crew of six. I’m so blessed and so grateful.

Happy Dogiversary!

Nina officially found a permanent home with us one year ago today. You can also read about her discovery and rescue here, here and here. In other words after several days of foster care, she landed a permanent home here with us. She’s still a good dog, a wonderful dog.

Many of you will remember my posts about Nina a year ago and a couple of you even expressed interest in her if we weren’t able to find her a place. We are grateful for your outpouring of love and care. She is happy, healthy and still prefers the corner that she picked out the moment she walked into the house.

Quietly laying at my side, on her bed in her corner as I write.

Quietly laying at my side, on her bed in her corner as I write.

We love you Nina, we are so happy that you are in our family.

Death of a squeaky

Around these here parts we buy dog toys in bulk. Having six dogs there isn’t just one toy box but two. Needless to say, with my thrifty ways, I’ve learned how to buy dog toys yet maintain a budget. I mean truthfully how do you think I could possibly afford last season’s Pradas if six dogs are playing with this season’s toys?

I’ve found they really don’t mind finding furry stuffed jack-o-lanterns under the tree on Christmas morning nor do they mind red and pink hearts in their Easter baskets. Dog toys add up quick. Therefore those after holiday 60% off sales at Petsmart keep my pups happy, as well as my budget. I’ve learned to stop by a day or two after each holiday and stock up for the next!

Abner after a good session of I'm going to get that squeaky, no matter if I have to kill this thing!

Abner after a good session of “I’m going to get that squeaky, no matter if I have to kill this thing!”

He is such an angel. Isn’t he? Note the tail wag as if to say “sorry dad, I couldn’t help myself.”

Speaking of holiday sales, it’s Labor Day weekend. Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Nordstrom were all having incredible sales yesterday. Let’s just say I may have a few new frocks in my closet. So what if they are last season, my wallet survived!

Devil dogs?

From top to bottom: Patsy, Virgil, Mitzi & Abner

From top to bottom: Patsy, Virgil, Mitzi & Abner

The better half just text me this shot of 4 of our 6 waiting for my return. Apparently the flash brought out a side I didn’t know they had. Yes Abner only has one eye.

I’m ready to be with them again tomorrow night!

My girl’s Birthday

Patsy, the youngest girl in the pack, is six today!

Patsy was born in Tijuana in the dirt under an abandoned car across from my housekeeper’s home. When Celia saw that a mother dog had dug out a hole in the dirt and was giving birth she took the mother and her seven puppies in. Six girls and one boy were born that day six years ago. Only Patsy and her brother were adopted so Celia kept the rest including mom.

Celia still has all five of Patsy’s sisters and her mother passed away about a year ago. Celia still comes to work here once a week so Patsy gets to see grandma and smell all of her sisters weekly.

Patsy moved into our home at eight weeks of age, just six weeks before our fifteen year old chocolate lab, Diva, passed. Patsy would lay with Diva to stay warm and it looked as if Diva had a puppy of her own. With her coloring, Patsy keeps the chocolate in the family. We are blessed to have her.

Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday dear Patsy Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Patsy
Happy Birthday to you!

Now make a wish and blow out your candle so you can have your butter cake!

Now make a wish and blow out your candle so you can have your butter cake!

(I think she may have wished for the whole piece, but she had to share.)

Happy Birthday Nina!

Nina turns 12 years old today.

Fearsome Beard gives Nina a Birthday kiss.

Fearsome Beard gives Nina a Birthday kiss.

Nina’s rescue story started HERE

Her story continued HERE and HERE

She then got her permanent home HERE

Nina is a wonderful addition to our family. She is just one of the pack theses days. She’s still a very quiet girl and rarely if ever barks. Rescue dogs seem to be filled with gratitude. She is beautiful as her coat has filled in from the malnourished, flea bitten 11 year old dog that arrived here with breast cancer. She’s healthy, cancer free, happy and a very loving girl. We are blessed she found us.

Happy Birthday Nina, may you have many more happy and healthy ones!

I choose the second way



I posted the above this morning reminding myself that I do prefer to live my life seeing the miracle it is. Shortly after posting I take the dogs outside into the yard and in a forgotten pot my little forgotten cactus is blooming. The bloom lasts for about 8 hours and is bigger than the plant itself. It blooms but once a year.

May the miracle that is your life be as beautiful as mine is today.

Patsy and cactus flower

Patsy and cactus flower