We just can’t get enough of Tuba Skinny today so we is a gonna post another tune from them to send us off to sleep.

Gnite y’all and may you have sweet dreams wherever you are.

Tuba Skinny – Going Back Home – Royal Street 2012


Sunday Morning Blues

Honey, these blues’l take any blues away.
Damn they is good…

Papa’s got your bath water on – Tuba Skinny – The Little Brown Church – Live 2017

In Memory

A leader, an inspiration and simply a very nice man.

Elijah Cummings with Fearsome May 2019

Elijah, we thank you and we will certainly miss you. Your inspiration shall live on through us.


Blogger Buds

Fearsome & Spo

Sometimes we get the honor of spending time with our mentors. I had the honor of having dinner Friday evening with not only a mentor but a good friend.

After many years of reading and commenting on his blog, it was our dear UrSpo who encouraged me, and showed me how, to start my own blog.

Spo, I had a great time and look forward to our next meeting.

In the mean time my dear friend, safe travels on your way home today.