Devil’s Teeth

Fearsome found himself shaking out the rhythms of this new tune as I was driving the car. He tugged at my chin and asked me to post it.

Muddy Magnolias is a group we had yet to hear before. If this is any sample of what’s yet to come…bring it on baby cause we loves this tune!

Go ahead click on it, you are not going to regret it.

First Place

God Sons grow up.

The older God Son is now a sophomore at Cal Poly and is currently spending a semester outside Madrid. The younger is a junior in high school and busy performing with his dance troupe.

Both excel at what they do and are proof that hard work pays off. Hard work on their parts as well as the hard work of their parents. Being part of their lives has been one of my greatest blessings.

Winning first place takes work. Long hours of hard, yet enjoyable work. God Son, the younger, along with the other hard working members of his dance troupe just did exactly that. They worked hard at something they love and their passion paid off.

Future Shock San Diego took first place in their category at Maxt Out 2016 in Los Angeles. (unfortunately the video owner makes you click all the way through to YouTube to watch but it’s worth it)

I’m not even going to begin trying to pick him out for you …but if I tried your may first spot him clearly as the single one pop to standing up in the middle at 0.21. No real need to try to spot him as the precision of these kids is amazing. Each and everyone a winner.

These kids have passion. These kids work hard. These kids respect each other. These kids are a team. These kids are now young adults. Young adults whom can work together like this inspire me and give me hope.

Fearsome is one of many adjectives that applies.

Hard work is fearsome.

New friends

Blogging allows us to interact not only with the blogger of the blog we are reading but with others in the comments. For many years I just read and commented on occasion. I met others in those comments and if they blogged I found their blogs. Relationships developed via this here internet thingy.

Eventually I met a blogger in person. He turned out to be a jolly good fellow who was well over four feet. We have met up again multiple times since and even talk on the phone on occasion. Our relationship has grown and I now consider him a good friend on which I can depend and never worry.

I got quite chummy with another commenter on his blog, and she eventually started her own. I met up with her once when I was in her fair city and had a second meeting planned when my father passed unexpectedly and I had to cancel. She was there for me on the phone in my moment of need as I was alone in her fair city. She is a beautiful woman whom I’ve grown to adore and she is just over four feet. She is a friend on whom I can depend and never worry.

When traveling in Washington DC I had the treat of a meet up at this Blogger’s workplace and received a private tour of a few of the exhibits followed by coffee and laughter. He doesn’t seem to blog these days, but I can assure you he is very much over four feet and proved himself to be a tour guide on which you can depend and never worry.

Another blogger I’ve followed for years has become a friend via phone and E mail over the years. I hope to meet him in person one day. I’ve heard he may be  over four feet and I know through experience and a mutual friend he is someone on which I can depend and never worry.

Recently in the last forementioned bloggers comments I clicked over onto this blog from a comment which I resonated. I read a few posts and rather enjoyed myself there. I left a comment and then found comments on my blog. Our humor seemed similar. This certain blogger lives in my fair city. I reached out and suggested coffee. The invitation was graciously accepted and yesterday we met up for the first time . Talk, laugh and share we did. I made a new friend who is well over four feet and I’m betting will prove dependable on which to never worry.

Mesuggah Shack San Diego CA

Mesuggah Shack San Diego CA

A new friend was made yesterday at Messugah Shack in San Diego where everyone is welcome. Fearsome & I look forward to future meet ups with this new friend, bloggers we have met and many bloggers we have yet to meet. It’s a beautiful world and sometimes we just have to get out in it to fully appreciate that fact.

Get out there!

The gift of community


The best way to support the community you live in is to get out in it and spend your hard earned money right there where you live. Those small store fronts which are the livelihood of many of your community’s members are what makes yor community unique. They make it the place you call home.

I know you are now thinking “What the “F” are you saying Fearsome? You just posted a pic of yourself in front of Home Depot on Black Friday.”

Around here we do get out early on Black Friday as a tradition and hit Home Depot. I give poinsettias to many of my immediate neighbors each year. The poinsettias are always big beautiful 6″ ones that are locally grown right here in San Diego at 99 cents each. We usually will pick up a few other tools or seasonal items as well.

We are kicking off the season the way we always do by getting out in it, spending a buck or two and sharing some smiles.

The Christmas tree is already in the living room and will be decorated this weekend. It is a natural Noble Fir from the local nursery just a few blocks away. Our chosen family Christmas theme this year is “Coming Home” and all gifts are to come from local community small businesses.


We live in a global community made up of small communities. Some of life’s conveniences and necessities will come from big worldly distributors. Many others can and will come from small store fronts of our community. Today is the day to get into our communities and discover just how much we have right here where we live.

Our local business district

Our local business district


These are just a few of our favorite things…

Soft oversized 100% cotton shirts

Puppy kisses

Textures in the landscape

Old houses

Rolling meadows full of bright green grasses

Humming birds

Plane rides



Eccentic people who aren’t afraid to express their originality



Hirsute gentlemen

Hardwood floors

The color Red

A soft breeze

Train horns

Open minds



Make believe

Freshly baked cake




A child’s smile

The stars, moon & sun


Blogging benefits

Laughter is incredibly good medicine.

Learning to lighten up and not take oneself so seriously lends itself to laughing more easily.

Allowing oneself to enjoy silly humor is often a great reliever of stress.

Blogging is allowing me to look at myself. When I step back and look at myself I find it best not to take myself too serious. I find humor in me, what I do and the things I find silly. Allowing myself to laugh, frees me of stress, allows me to become centered and gifts me the ability to grow.

Blogging has benefits. Benefits like being able to post this video.

Boys Don’t Cry – I Wanna Be A Cowboy

One Hundred Thousand


Sometime this past week we surpassed 100,000 page views here on Fearsome’s funny little blog thingy. We are humbled.

Blogging has proven to be quite enjoyable.

Many motivators, advisors, counselors and teachers during the experience that is my life have advised that journaling is a wonderful way for one to get themselves to the next level and then the next. I’d buy a journal, write a couple entries and then forget it. I actually found one of those old journals when cleaning my desk a few days ago. It was from 2005 and had exactly three entries in it.

Blogging has proven to be something I do daily. Sometimes it’s just a post of a beard pic, but I posted. I took the time to choose a beard that fit my mood and posted it. Many days I post a beard and a written post, or quote, or video, or even music to fit my mood, feelings, thoughts or motivation. I’ve gotten to know myself better. I’ve shared, opened, grown, learned, expressed, laughed, cried and loved. I’ve made friends.

More than 100,000 page views, just over 1,550 posts and some 32,000 visitors in just 2 1/2 years of self growth. I think I’ll keep on with this here blog thingy and Fearsome thinks he’s going to stick around too. We love having all y’all along on our journey. We are honored to be with you on yours as well.

Thank you! Yes…Thanks for clicking on Fearsome Beard, may your week be a wonderful one full of happiness, love, laughter and gratitude!