In Memory

This morning I pause to say Thank You to Bob McGrath for being an inspiration to this very man when he was but a young lonely boy. Bob’s warmth and care gave this little insecure boy comfort through the screen of a television back in 1969. I’ll never forget this tune as it was placed into the soundtrack of my life by this wonderful man. I still sing it to myself whenever I need comfort.

Bob McGrath – Good Morning Starshine (Sesame Street) – 1969

Thank You Bob! Godspeed.

A Collective December

This tune entered the soundtrack of my life in my early 30s. That era in one’s life when, for at least me, we are in a transition from young to mature that is just plain exhilarating. Fearsome has always rather enjoyed it.

Collective Soul – December – 1995

Would you mind?

Sharing the night together?

This blast from my past popped into my YouTube feed this morning. I can’t resist posting it right here. I hope y’all don’t mind. Damn the memories are good!
…Oh and his name was Reed, my first love.

Dr. Hook – Sharing The  Night Together – 1978

DJ Destruction

This amazing artist dropped into my YouTube feed for the first time yesterday.
All I can say to DJ Destruction is where have you been all my life? And to YouTube, why did it take you so long to recommend him?

DJ Destruction – Ghetto Disco & Other Galactic Funk 1974-1979 (vinyl mix) – 2021

Be Yourself

This song was HOT back in my high school days.
From partying to it with my Gamma Nu Delta brothers at one of our high school fraternity parties, to cranking it out of a cassette jam box on the marching band bus on its way to a competition, this tune moved every tush in the place. We even cut a rug to it at our William Fleming High School prom that year. Cameo sure could turn out some good tunes.

Cameo – Be Yourself – 1982

Shake Your Pants

I like the way you dance.

Cameo – Shake Your Pants – 1980

One of the favorite tunes of my life’s soundtrack. It’s from my days in high school and we tore up that dance floor with this one. May it help you cut your Saturday Night Dance Party rug.