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Christmas Eve baking beard

Tomorrow we host our chosen family Christmas here at our home. It’s a 25 year tradition. Twenty two of our closest friends who we call The Family will be here at our home. It’s a pot luck dinner. It’s always delicious.

My contribution this year? Fresh roasted turkey breast and two cakes. I baked the cakes today.

Kentucky Butter Cake & Coconut Cake

I’ve posted both of these recipes previously. Both are scrumptious.

You can find the Kentucky Butter Cake recipe at this LINK, it’s the best freakin’ pound cake that will ever cross your lips. Fearsome’s soon to be famous Coconut Cake recipe is HERE.

Feel free to steal, use, bake and enjoy our recipes.

Merry Christmas Eve y’all!


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Thankyou, Fearsome

My head is in a spin 🎶

My feet don’t touch the ground 🎵

Back in the day when I started hitting the local gay disco this tune was a staple. I couldn’t begin to fathom the amount of calories my tushy burned pulsing ’round the dance floor to this one. Fearsome was but a big-n-bushy Porn Star Mustache in those days.  Whew!… the memories!

Why I get the vapors just thinking about it.

My knees shake🎶

My heart beats like a drum🎵

It feels like, it feels like I’m in love!🎶


Mom turns 85 this week. Mom is recovering well from the mild stroke she had back in early December. I’m flying out Tuesday to visit mom to celebrate her birthday this week. I got her a gift from my local Apple Store.

Apple Watch Sport and a Milanese loop magnetic band.

Apple Watch Sport and a Milanese loop magnetic band.

Mom lives alone. Mom occasionally falls. Mom wants to remain in the house she and dad purchased in 1957. Mom cherishes her independence. Mom needs some type of device to call for help just in case.

I’ve researched the Life Alert buttons, the call center monitors and the like. All of them scream you are old and you have to now wear this horrible looking button around your neck. Plus you must now have an ugly two way monitoring station connected to some call center in your home with a monthly fee. And, oh by the way, don’t venture out of range of this station unless someone is with you. Stay Put! Wear This House Arrest Button …FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY DAMMIT!

Enter Apple products. Mom already has an iPhone, an iPad and has WiFi in her house. If her phone is with her she is covered …such as when she leaves the house. However she doesn’t carry the iPhone with her in the house. Last summer Apple added an SOS feature to the Apple Watch OS. By giving her this new watch I will put a life alert system right on her wrist. One that she can even wear in the shower.

The Apple Watch features a new SOS alert that you can activate from the screen that will call 911 first and then start calling the contacts you have in your iPhone’s emergency contact list automatically. What if she falls and can’t activate the screen you ask? Apple’s SIRI has that covered as well. The Apple Watch responds to the “Hey Siri” command and will call 911, my brother, myself or whoever she chooses simply with her verbal command right from her wrist. Her phone doesn’t have to be with her as it will use the WiFi in her house. If she is out her phone is in her purse and she can still use the  Apple Watch as it will then call through the phone.

Was it inexpensive? No.

Was it reasonable for what it will do? Hell yes.

Was it a bargain in order to have mom wearing a stylish hip happening piece of technology on her wrist that doesn’t scream “I am old and my son makes me wear this help I’ve fallen and can’t get up button”? Big hell fucking yes!


Knowing this information, what do I want for Christmas next year? An Apple Watch. You don’t have to be 85 to fall and not be able to get up.

Travelous interrupterous

So I land in Dulles for a short layover on way to Ft. Lauderdale. When I turn my phone on it explodes with texts asking if I am ok. It seems that this happened…

5 dead and 8 injured at Delta baggage claim in Ft. Lauderdale airport.

5 dead and 8 injured at Delta baggage claim in Ft. Lauderdale airport.

I should have already boarded my plane to fly there. However the plane that I fly there on is sitting on the tarmac there, full of passengers coming here, waiting to take off. The FTL airport is still closed so who knows when it will take off and when I will get to board it to head there.

While I am having the minor inconvenience of travelous interrupertous (my how spell check hates me when I make up my own words) there are families and friends grieving the loss of the five Delta passengers who died at the hands of a crazy man and eight others injured in the hospital. I pray for them. Yes I do pray.

It seems that the gunman had just flown in on a Delta flight, picked up his bag from the luggage carousel, retrieved the gun from his checked bag and opened fire. Seriously. Crazy lives amoung us. Sorry folks but that is horrible. Innocent travelers possibly on their way to a vacation of their dreams, coming home, visiting friends & family, working on a business trip, returning from a deployment overseas or maybe even going on a honeymoon …dead at the luggage carousel because some crazy asshole fucker had a gun in his checked bag.

A fucking gun in a fucking checked bag on a fucking airplane.

Soapbox. Yep I stepped on it.

Now I’ll get back off of it.

So several hours late or maybe tomorrow morning I will finally arrive at my destination of Ft. Lauderdale Florida, my second home. I will stand at a luggage carousel waiting for my bag. I will shed tears. I will remember poor souls I never met. I’ll pray for the loved ones in mourning. I’ll feel gratitude that I was not there at that moment. I will be grateful I was spared and had the minor inconvenience of having to wait here at the United Club outside of Washington DC at the Dulles airport.

Tell your loved ones you love them. Tell them now, and tell them often. Stop smell the roses, take time, value the important things and never ever forget the blessing that is this very moment.

Trick-or-Treating Purse First

Heartwarming story about a determined creative and his awesome mother.

Raising My Rainbow

Halloween is a night for boys to dress up as their heroes: firefighters, police officers, military personnel, baseball players and superheroes. My nine-year-old son C.J. is no different from most boys. He’ll dress up as his hero for Halloween. His hero is Bob The Drag Queen.

Bob The Drag Queen is the winner of the most recent season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Bob, RuPaul and all the queens are brave, strong heroes for my rainbow son. They’ve taught him to celebrate his uniqueness, cultivate his own style and let criticisms roll off his back. They’ve taught him the importance and power of loving himself. They’ve also taught him a few words and phrases that I’ve told him he can’t use until he’s 18.

C.J. has watched Bob The Drag Queen’s “Purse First” music video more times than I can count (his second favorite video to watch is Alaska’s “Your…

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Pain …(Language Warning)

Nine weeks out of surgery. For most part I have done well.

I have one thing to say this morning. Fuck! This fucking shoulder surgery recovery can hurt. Good god it can hurt. I just experienced the worst night since the first week of surgery. I don’t mean to bitch but I am because I need to. Fuck!

Off to physical therapy this morning, I hope it’s ok.

Fearsome Yogi

I’m coming upon two years since I started yoga. Here is a pic from one of my very first classes that I featured here on this here blog thingy as one of me very first posts:

Fearsome does Yoga May 2014

Fearsome does Yoga May 2014

I’ve come a long way since this photo but don’t worry as I’m no where near the Beard of the Day from earlier today. Fearsome has come along way as well. At one point last spring when I would go upside down into a headstand or handstand he would fall down over my eyes. Back in October he had that huge hedge trimming and slimmed down to his streamlined business look. Fearsome being the go getter he is, is growing back at a respectable pace.

As I lay here preparing for a nights slumber I contemplate what yoga does for me, what it means to me. I find yoga incredibly relaxing. Even though I often break a nice sweat, I’m relaxed. The breathing, the stretching, the focus, the challenge all work together to bring clarity.  Yoga takes strength, yet it builds strenght through the practice of it without my realizing just how much strength it is building. My abdomen is stronger that it has ever been and I’ve always been into some form of excercise. My flexibility is beyond my expectations and without feeling like I’m pushing myself to achieve it.

I will continue yoga. I will commit to adding to the number of classes I take as I believe it is doing me good. I feel great. I’m stronger yet more flexible. I relax, concentrate, focus, let go and control all at once. Sometimes I leave class feeling like I’ve had a massage, but yet I’m sweating from all the activity.

As most of you know when I contemplate I take the definition of what I’m contemplating and mull it over…


Baking Beard’s EZ Sweetheart Chocolate Cake

Fearsome Bakes!

It’s been too long since since we posted a cake recipe. It’s time, just in time to save your ass with your sweetheart! So as Valentine’s Day approaches did you forget to stop and get chocolates and roses? This quick and easy chocolate cake will make your sweetheart melt like a Hershey bar on your fingers.

Fearsome’s easy Sweetheart catching yummy chocolate chip cake featuring creme cheese chocolate frosting!

AKA ….The Valentine Catcher Cake

Preparing to ice, you can see the indentations of the baked in chocolate chips!

Preparing to ice, you can see the indentations of the baked in chocolate chips!

Start with a box, yes a box…this is easy so it’s not from scratch, of Betty Crocker Super Moist Devils Food cake mix. Mix the cake as directed but substitute one stick of melted butter in place of the oil. Split batter into two layer pans and then drop 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips onto each layer’s batter (1/2 cup each). Don’t mix the chips in, just scatter on the batter. Bake as directed. Cool for 15 minutes in the pans and flip out of pans onto a towel to cool completely.

The icing is the key and we do make that from scratch as it’s so freakin’ easy. In a medium mixing bowl start with 1 – 8 ounce package of room temperature creme cheese and place in bowl. Add 1 – 1 pound package of confectioners powdered sugar (this is about 4 cups). Add 3/4 cup of Hershey’s baking cocoa. Then add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 cup of milk. Start to blend on slow speed, as it starts to moisten slowly increase speed of mixer and have extra milk handy to add just a few drops at a time ….keep mixing and adding extra drops of milk on a higher mixer speed until icing is creamy and just spreadable. –Careful to not add too much milk thus making it too runny to hold on cake…add the extra milk just drops at a time to just get creamy and spreadable.–

Ice the cool cake layers then refrigerate for about an hour uncovered to set icing.

My sweetheart's gonna love me for this, yours will too!

My sweetheart’s gonna love me for this, yours will too!

Maybe, just maybe

I’ve posted about 3 different movies on the last 30 or so days. I should say “we’ve” as Fearsome saw them as well.  We all know he has an opinion of his own on everything. It’s good we agree …most of the time.

We always post a disclaimer that we are not movie critics. We do not claim not want to be. The question arises as to how many movies is one allowed to post opinions about before one actually becomes a critic? Are we flirting with the limits?

We watched three movies on our cross country flight a couple days back. The new iPad Pro makes for better viewing with its double the iPad size screen. The Bose noise cancelling headphones are a must for air travel viewing as well.

Cross country flight movie selection #1: Ex Machina

Blog buddy RayBeard was spot on. Really good movie. The suspense mixed with a twisted sense of humor, sexuality and possible reality makes for a good flick. The setting, camera, acting and directing are all, in this beard’s opinion, well done. We highly recommend Ex Machina.

Cross country flight movie selection #2: The Dahmer Files

As disturbing as this subject matter is to me, this was a good film. It is a documentary. One well done. Dahmer was caught and made national news just as I was getting out of a nightmare relationship of abuse with a very unstable person. Look at it this way, I could easily visualize my ex’s photo in a similar news story. I felt as though I narrowly escaped. This film could have brought back nightmares for me. It didn’t. It gives a glimpse into the world of those around him as well as the killer himself in a way that isn’t alarmist or disturbing.

Cross country flight movie #3: Minions

We really wanted to like or at least enjoy this film. We loved Dispicable Me 1&2. We didn’t love Minions at all. Minion mayhem with minimal story line and stupid lame jokes. Not even mildly enjoyed by the pubescent mind of a testosterone filled beard. We are being harsh. We feel this one deserves a harsh reality check.

So there you have it. Our absolutely not movie critic, critical movie reviews.

Happy viewing!

There is no known cure for being cheap.

I remember how that statement stood out to me the first time I saw it on Project Runway. Jake Wall wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the words. It’s available online HERE.


Being cheap has its drawbacks.

I learned today that a past client sold his condo to his tenant. He never called me to ask what his place was worth. I know him and he didn’t because he wanted to sell it without paying a commission. Little did he know that I would have happily given him advice without charging him, even if he sold it to his tenant without using my services. My advice is free, especially to friends and past clients.

I learned that the condo sold for at least $100,000 less than its current value. His past tenant, who now owns the place, is going around bragging about the deal he got. So much so I heard about it all through his boasting.

Due to my past client’s fear of not asking, in order to save himself a commision of $25,000 by listing the property on the open market, his net loss is at least $75,000 after paying the commission if it were marketed. If he had just asked my opinion, he could have sold it to the tenant for $75,000 more, the tenant would have gotten it for under market and the past client wouldn’t have paid a commission as my advice is free.

Cheap, it has it’s drawbacks.