Are there appropriate and inappropriate ways to go about timing the unsubscribing from another’s blog?

I mean do bloggers really pay attention to their subscription numbers? Does one notice when numbers go up and down? As a blogger is one excited when one receives a new subscription or disappointed when one is lost? What does it mean to a blogger when adding or losing a subscriber? Does the post when a blogger loses a subscriber matter? Does a blogger feel hurt when the loss of a subscriber happens when the post is very personal? Should there be an etiquette about unsubscribing? Should we think about the blogger when making a decision to leave them? Should we leave in a respectful way? Are there better times to unsubscribe than others?

These are questions I will contemplate today.

Why you ask? Why would this topic of contemplation come up for me now this very moment?
It comes up this morning as the post I posted yesterday wasn’t a political or a controversial post, but simply a picture of a much younger me with my dear sweet Mitzi when she was but a puppy. A post that at the time of posting I had one more subscriber than I do this morning some 12 hours later.

Hmmmm …I wonder …. Am I that superficial?
…contemplate I will.
Smooches to everyone who passes through here today.