Happy Pride 2014

ImageHave pride in just who you are. Not what someone else thinks you should be or who you think you should be from any outside influence. Love yourself for you, just who you are. Be who you are. Have pride in those you love, for who they are and not who you think they should be. Love others and have pride in letting them be who they are. Respect all and see the good in them, be proud you see the good in them and let them have pride in themselves. Lead through example and have pride in your example. By lifting yourself, loving yourself and respecting yourself you lift those around you. Move forward, give a hand to the ones who need it and celebrate the diverse family of humanity. Each and every one of us can make our world better by starting right where we are, with ourselves and those who are right beside us. Good spreads. Start spreading good this very moment, be grateful for it and the miracle begins.

Happy Pride!

I see miracles, in each and every one of us…….Some wish we were invisible. We’re not. Let’s dance! (wisdom from Mr. Joe Jervis)

……and Be Fearsome!

Fearsome dogs

Fearsome dogs

This is Abner. He is a 4 year old 10 lb toy poodle. Yes he has only one eye.
I make regular donations to both our San Diego humane society & SPCA and to the local Spirit Fund at the county animal shelter (aka dog pound). The Spirit Fund is for giving life saving medical care to animals that come into the shelters that would otherwise be euthanized due to their health or injury. It was time to make another donation back in March 2012 when instead of mailing the check I decided to drop it off in person. So after writing out a check for $200 I decided to take a walk and say hello to the dogs. On the first run all alone in the last cage was Abner, a Spirit Fund dog. His name at the time was Jack Sparrow. He had been shaven of all of his hair to the skin, was wearing an Elizabethan collar (cone) had a huge swelling where his newly evicerated left eye was healing, had stitches all the way down his left front shoulder, a broken left rear foot and numerous healing bite wounds. He cowered in the corner and growled. I sat down placing my back against the wire gate and waited. Slowly he came over and did the same pushing his back against mine, as hard as he could. I knew then that the house of four, was now a house of five. He had just found a new safe home where he could recover and become the spoiled happy boy he is today.


noun – a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

Fear is something that we all face. I feel we face it more than we acknowledge. Fear affects how we see the world around us, perceive others actions and how we ourselves react and live our lives. The part of the definition above ( from dictionary.com ) that is resonating with me today is “whether the threat is real or imagined”.

Throughout our lives we observe, learn and internalize events. The associated or perceived feelings surrounding these events can stay deep ingrained in us and color our actions, reactions and beliefs. Fear can easily become a motivating factor in how we live our lives, make decisions and interact with others.

I have a fear of not being liked or included. This fear can manifest itself by my telling a story about myself that is twisted or expanded into a half truth that I feel might make the person(s) around me like me better. In other words not being completely honest with them or with myself. It can manifest by me putting someone down to raise myself up above them. It can manifest by my talking and trying rather than listening and empathizing. It can manifest in my becoming resentful and even angry.

I have many more fears, the above is just an example, a common example.

I am learning to examine my fears. To stop and look at myself when I am uncomfortable. To stop and look at why and what. To strive to not just react. To try to learn. To be honest with myself. To grow. To get to know myself and my motives better so that I may be better. To become more secure in myself that I may be stronger, more at ease in my own skin.

Life is a journey. I am enjoying this part of my journey right now. Looking at my fears and how they affect who I am. How I can acknowledge them, learn from them and become better. Today I will list a few on paper, then ask myself “is this real or imagined?” and examine from there.

Thunderstruck ( 2Cellos , an approved Fearsome non bearded entry)

As noted by the Beard of Directors last evening we will occasionally approve an appropriate non bearded entry. The Beard of Directors wishes to introduce such an entry that bends the imagination and grows the soul through the inspiration of talent and pure raw masculinity. The challenge to social norms & expectations plus such a display of creative inspiration & talent that the duo 2Cellos offers in this video meets the criteria for an approved non bearded entry.
Please sit back and enjoy, it’s a wonderful ride!

Beard of Directors

ImageThe Beard of Directors here at Fearsome Beard wishes to apologize for the non-bearded entry posted this afternoon. We wish to assure you that we are disciplining the party responsible for posting a non approved post that apparently features not only a non bearded man, but a VERY facial hair free lad who probably does not even shave yet. The beard will sometimes approve such an entry if the entry is deemed worthy and is presented and approved first. The party submitting said entry did not submit for nor receive proper approval prior to posting. We deeply regret the error and wish to assure our readers that in the future we will work to prevent such errors of judgement.


The Beard of Directors of Fearsome Beard

Sleep and a healthy beard

I love my sleep. I usually sleep very well. I fact it’s 9 pm and I am writing this from the bed. To bed at 9 and up at 5 is my routine.

Last night I did not sleep well. An unusual occurrence. Crowding in the bed seemed to be the issue. King size bed plus two grown men and 4 little dogs ( the big girl Gilda has her own bed beside ours, she’s the smart one ). For some reason last night they, especially Virgil, wanted to be where I was. It made for a restless night.

Therefore today has been a bit “off”. I think the lack of good sleep has affected me more than I am willing to admit. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good day…..but I was not quite myself.

I value my sleep. I feel it adds not only to my bodily health, but to my emotional, psychological and mental health. So here’s to a good nights sleep tonight, not only for me but for you as well.

UPDATE: It’s 6 am and I had a great nights sleep! Woo hoo! Wishing you a great day ahead! What amount of sleep do you need? What do you do to get it? How does your sleep affect your health?

—– Take enough sleep and rest. Studies show that there is a strong link between sleep deprivation and facial hair growth. In a clinical research conducted in France, lack of sleep for 48 hours resulted in 19% reduction of facial hair growth in the subjects in the study. Remember this the next time you feel guilty for sleeping in!—…..one of many statements from studies I found this morning……

Fearsome dogs

This is Patsy and she is number 4 in line. She will be 5 years old next week, is 10 lbs and was born in Tijauna Mexico. She crossed the border at 7 weeks of age with the proper papers.ImageShe loves laundry fresh out of the dryer! (If only she would fold it)