2557 Days

Seven years ago today I got sober.

My seven year chip

Thats 2557 days of uninterrupted reality.

I stay sober 1 day at a time. May tomorrow be just another one of those days.

You see I don’t drink like regular people. If I take a drink I have no idea where I will end up. Once one drink is in me, I go to the bitter end of fucked up drunkeness.

Therefore I choose to not drink at all. Life is better for me that way. Not everyone is like me, but I am.

24 thoughts on “2557 Days

    • Your city means so much to me. I had a business trip there at 3 weeks sober. I was scared to death I would drink. I got there and although I was fragile, craving and tempted I found a meeting downtown near my hotel to attend and kept myself busy with wonderful museums when I had idle time and actually got back to San Diego without a drink. Business trips had always been nothing but blackouts and hangovers for me. That was until that trip. Denver is a great place.

      • It is a great place but too many people have found out about it. It’s good to know you had positive experience here.

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