Off with your head!

Fearsome loved this episode of Glee. Obviously because it took him back to one of those defining moments of his youth. He was but a young and somewhat scraggly beard at the time. He did not know he wasn’t thick and full yet, he just knew he was a beard.

He spent his high school youth in the very early 1980s leading the marching band for two seasons as Drum Major. Thanks to him I was known all over southwest Virginia as that flamboyant Drum Major with the beard and big diamond earring. Beards were not in at the time and neither were men with earrings.

Every Friday evening of the fall football season was spent entertaining rowdy high school crowds during half time. We loved our white satin corps style uniform complete with gold pleats, gold ascot and Aussie hat adjourned with the long gold feather. We led the band onto the field, directed them as the music energized the fans in attendance and danced our ass off on that little platform in front.

After graduation we continued by teaching drill team to area high school band camps each summer, coreographing field shows and inspiring those students that followed behind us. It was enjoyable summer work to help pay our way through college. All the while as I grew into adulthood, Fearsome grew into a fuller, thicker and more mature  beard. We even had the honor of witnessing the joy in our students eyes as they won awards in field show competitions. Those students won those awards themselves through hard work and dedication. We only gave them the tools, they are the ones who used the tools and proved they could excel.

When we first saw this episode we couldn’t help but re-live the experiences of our youth. In honor of the fall season and Halloween we felt this an appropriate video to start up the holiday weekend.

Full screen is even better!

7 thoughts on “Off with your head!

  1. I enjoyed Glee too, having been a singer/performer in a jazz and show choir in high school. The series brought back lots of great memories. Where in Southwest VA did you grow up? I grew up in Northern VA.

  2. I spent my high school years with the other outcasts in my grade. I was shy and geeky. I have no fond memories of high school. I spend a lot time getting drinking, smoking pot and doing drugs.

  3. Damn ….. I’m going to have to rack my brain but I actually saw you in 82 or 83 perform at a game at Franklin County High School ! The earrings brought the memory back …..

    • Yes you did in 1982. I would have performed in Franklin county and the stadium lights lit that earring, still have it but don’t wear it, up. I got a lot of flack yet a lot of attention for that earring. White boys did not have a pierced ear in those days.

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