The back seat of a 1967 Buick

Riding in the back seat on that black vinyl upholstery in the darkness of a rural Tennesee nighttime, I remember the sounds of this tune coming from the single speaker of the AM radio as if it were yesterday.

Dolly is one of those talents who touches a place deep in my soul. A special place. Dolly can take me away from all the static surrounding me and fill me with crystal clear beauty. She can give me peace. That night I first ever remember hearing her she was singing Jolene. It was one summer night in the very early 1970s as we sped toward my mother’s hometown for a family visit in the southern boot heel of Missouri.

This tune has had staying power and has been honored by many an artist. Today I was made aware of this PENTANONIX a Capella remake featuring Dolly herself.

Oh and the Buick? It was a white Electra 225 sedan with a black vinyl top and interior.

This isn't the car but it's just like the car I grew up with.

This isn’t the car but it’s just like the car I grew up with.


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