Vacation groove and perspectives

Here I sit by the pool at the resort on a relaxing Saturday noon contemplating as I stroke Fearsome Beard in thought…

Fearsome Beard poolside selfie

Fearsome Beard poolside selfie

As you know from earlier posts it’s been a rainy vacation. It has warmed up and today will be 78 breezy cloudy with occasional showers. I’ve had a good trip and seen friends, spent needed time alone and observed. Observed others and perspectives they have.

I’ve observed what I call bad focus. People who are so wrapped up in a situation they perceive as negative that they can’t see anything else.

As an (occasional) artist painting with oils I have been taught to step back. Get away from the painting and look at it from different angles and in different lighting. When you step back and get out of the painting you suddenly see what is right and what is wrong with it. What the paintings strengths are and its weaknesses. Where you can improve it and make changes that can make the painting work. You can also notice that maybe it can’t be fixed and its time to scratch it and move on. Whatever you see from the other angles gives you direction. Whatever that direction is, it’s better than being stuck or blind to faults.

With a painting, like life, I have found that if when I step back and I focus on what is working I can figure out how to change or modify the parts that aren’t working for the better. Then the painting takes a turn for the better and becomes a successful painting. If I focus on the imperfections in the painting and try to “fix” them from the perspective of imperfections, I create more and it just doesn’t work.

I have observed several people during this time of travel focusing on the bad. Thus I have observed bad focus. While having a club soda with a friend here at a bar last night I brought this up in discussion. Bless him for he immediately said “Well if that’s what they choose its what they get”.

BOOM! I couldn’t have said it better.

Now how do we help change someone’s perspective? In my experience I have found we can’t just tell them. I have found all I can do is lead by example. I can offer a smile and a kind word. I can offer indirect suggestive comments, be thankful for my circumstances, my positive outlook and not let myself be drawn into their drama.

I hope that my little musings on this blog thingy somehow help someone along their journey. They help me.

Who could not have a wonderful outlook when your wonderful husband sends you a picture like this saying “We miss you!”

Mitzi warm in our bed this morning.

Mitzi warm in our bed this morning.


Apparently Mitzi is upset as she doesn’t think this is a very flattering photo of her. I apologize to her but she is so cute that I don’t think she can take a bad photo.

4 thoughts on “Vacation groove and perspectives

  1. Confucius was once asked : what is the best way to lead men. He replied “Other than by example?”
    You have an eloquent prose. I enjoy your every post.

  2. Any other way attempt at changing someone’s actions or perspective is like banging your head against a wall. I know this. So why does my head hurt so much?

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