A humble reprise

Today as I walked Ft. Lauderdale Beach Boulevard I listened to the breeze. The breeze through the palms and the cypress trees sounded as if the trees were whispering to me. Other than an occasional car or person along the way the only audible sound was that of the waves in the distance.

FT. Lauderdale Beach 10/27/2020

In my solitude I couldn’t help but to continue my reflections of yesterday. I couldn’t help but to feel a bit of shame for some of the superficialities easily associated with some of the dreams. From that feeling I must take it to the next level. For me that next level must be to find some humility. I find humility through gratitude and learning.

First I must forgive myself for being human. Being human I have ego. Having ego I can look for security, or assurance, through attention. Needing attention I can gravitate toward the shallow and superficial.

For the most part my dreams have been realized and are still being realized, but I have never gotten them on my own. I’ve had help, direction, inspiration, support, love and generosity along my path. My gratitude for these gifts is deep and genuine.

I’ve been blessed to learn that the truly meaningful and fulfilling realized dreams are most often the simplest of all. The kiss of a newly rescued dog, the smile from a newborn niece, a reassuring glance from my husband, a hug from a friend, a tear wiped away by a co-worker over a seemingly devastating mistake, a smile from a stranger let into traffic and the laughter of a group of friends enjoying the simple telling of a humorous story.

You, yes you dear reader, are a blessing to me. My hope is that one person is touched in some positive way by this post and my dream for today will have been fulfilled.

7 thoughts on “A humble reprise

  1. Fearsome. I only comment when you write because when you do it is so touching and beautiful. You and I share a common universe on many levels. Both posts on dreams touched me deeply as I and husband have walked there. What touches me most is that yes, we are blessed, yes we are human, and yes we have direction, support, inspiration, love and help along the way. We continue to look to those glances from the husband when needed. Heck, I just went though a termination from work and Tim held me up. So, let us keep the smiles, love and big beards up.
    We are blessed, and though we only have met once, you have touched my heart and through your blog.

  2. I drop by daily, to admire the humanity, it is wonderful to hear your voice. You have such a wonderful story to tell. Over year years I have read your words about taking in dogs, that others gave up for dead and making sure they had a good life, about making room in your life to care for aging family members, about sharing with friends, sometimes flamboyantly, likely just as often being a listening ear when it was needed. Your story includes second chances and redemption, and hope. We need that right now. Please keep writing.

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