It is a choice

On my flight out here to ” Not so sunny Ft. Lauderdale ” I watched a wonderful movie. The movie was “A Fault In Our Stars”. I’m not a movie critic or expert, I just know what I like. There were many good messages in this movie but this one I found profound:

“You don’t get a say if you get hurt in this world. You do get a say in who hurts you in this world”

It is a choice. I can honestly say that while I’ve made some bad choices and may have been hurt by some that I wish I hadn’t chosen,  I have been hurt by some that were good choices as well. The point I must take away is that I accept the choices I made. In accepting them I can let go of the bad ones and treasure the time I had with the good choices.

From here I can freely move forward. No regrets, just joy, gratitude and peace.

8 thoughts on “It is a choice

  1. Oh dear, I’m really out on a limb on this one, FB. I know that this film has received plaudits from all directions, including the venerable and recently-met-by-you, Dr Spo, as well as by many critics. I personally found the entire film a trial.
    For what it’s worth:-
    Of course, that’s not to say that I am right and you are wrong, or vice versa. There are no blacks and whites or wrongs and rights in this game. One’s reaction is bound to be entirely subjective, personal and individual.
    You’ve viewed the film from a much deeper perspective than I did so got a lot more out of it, and because of that I wish I’d been able to do the same.
    In a few weeks I’ll be compiling my Top 10 films of 2014 and nominating my choice of ‘Turkey of the Year’. As things stand, this film may well turn out to appear in one of these categories.

    • As I said in my post. I’m not a film critic or expert. I know what I like. My point of a post on a film is to convey my personal take on what it’s message said to me. We are all different and I respect your take as just that, your take. I like reading your reviews as you have a complete view of film from acting, directing, setting….well everything. I’m glad you commented, if we all like chocolate there would be no vanilla. I’m focused on the message, it has very deep meaning for me in my personal growth.

  2. My daughter has been trying to get me to watch it with her. It’s synopsis, why would I want to subject myself to that? Let’s watch another episode of Arrested Development instead. I’m going to message her now and tell her we’ll watch it over her Christmas break. I blame you, FB. Bah! ☺

    • It’s a chick flick for sure. It’s the message that got me, I needed to hear it. Enjoy as it will be time well spent with your daughter. Very well spent. Kids need dads who watch films they like with them. Your kids are blessed.

  3. One of my favorite talks to patients is we are continually put into choiceness situations but there it ends. Choiceless, we are given the choice to get better or get bitter. But it is a choice.

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