When the universe pushes us another direction

Recently, oh say about a month ago, the universe pushed me. It unexpectedly pushed me hard. It hurt. I wasn’t expecting it as I thought things were ok. Well I guess I wasn’t “seeing” everything I should so the power that is, decided to show me in a very direct way.

What do I mean by “push”? It’s when I hit a bump in the road, things are not going my way, things don’t work right or go smoothly or in the case of a month ago I hit a brick wall and was forced another direction.

As many of you know I recently went to see Oprah in person. It was a day and a half seminar with Oprah, Iyanla Vansant, Mark Nepo, Elizabeth Gilbert & Rob Bell. It was an incredible experience with 6,000 others. Oprah referenced this by the universe starting with pebbles. Pebbles are little signs or hints that you may be on a road that is not for you, or maybe not good for you. She said if you don’t notice the pebbles a rock might come your way, then a brick and eventually a brick wall if you aren’t paying attention. Well I mustn’t have been paying attention.

These brick walls can hurt at first because I obviously thought things were good. Now I’ve had a month and things are much better and becoming clearer. Now that I look back I can see the pebbles, then the rock and even the brick that I ignored. I didn’t want to see them so I didn’t.

What I can learn from this is to listen to the universe and my gut. To be aware of the pebbles, to notice the rock and to listen to the brick. At any point if I am paying attention and being honest with myself I can turn or change my direction before the brick wall … where the universe does it for me.

The good thing is that in these brick walls, or as I put it in that post a month ago “clouds”, is that there is a new direction, a better direction and life once we change course. There is a rainbow in there, a blessing. I can learn, did learn and am still learning. I’m thankful for my push, it’s definitely shown me a better path. Now I will try to learn to notice the pebbles…


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