Another one???

Our Foster Dog Paula

Paula, name given by San Diego Humane Society employees, is a 3.5 pound 1.5 year old Yorkie. Paula was part of a San Diego Humane Society rescue from a hoarding situation where 123 Yorkshire Terriers were rescued from filthy unsanitary cramped conditions.  Ninety two were adopted out the rest were kept as they were either pregnant or had health issues that still needed to be resolved. After all pregnancies came to term, the total was over 160 yorkies.

Paula, who’s name will be changed, was one that had a hernia and otitis media (bad ear infection) both of which requiring surgery. She has been in the shelter the entire time. We are her new foster parents. She came home with us to meet our crew of six this afternoon. She’ll stay here as a foster for two weeks at which time she will go back for one final ear procedure. After her final ear treatment she will hopefully get cleared for adoption.

Yes we are thinking of adopting her. Thinking? Who am I fooling. She will 99.9% most likely be returning here to her new home. We are thinking of naming this tiny tiny girl Phoebe but are totally open to your suggestions. Naming our dogs is usually a 2-3 day ordeal.

What would you name this 3.5 pound 1.5 year cutie?

She seems to fit right in!


15 thoughts on “Another one???

  1. Aw! A real heart-strings tugger. Erik gets pretty close with her name – it’s actually ‘Fluffy’. So now you know!

  2. I have no suggestions about the name. Phoebe sounds fine to me.

    But my heart breaks with respect to these hoarding situations, because so often they seem to start from a place of love. People take in strays who would otherwise be killed, and then things snowball. (I do not know the details of this situation, of course. I am extrapolating because I am some anonymous troll on the Internet.) I was going to make some crack about the difference between 123 and seven being closer than one thinks, but it isn’t the same at all.

    • Oh believe me the realization of seven…that thought crossed my mind too. Of the six before her we have one who is 15 going on 16, one just turned 15, a 14 year old and a twelve year old. Alas it will not be seven for long.

  3. She is ADORABLE!!! Thank you for having such a warm and loving heart and for rescuing yet
    another needy pup!!!

  4. She is so cute! I have a tendency to name things after superheroes lately. With her fur colors… Anna Marie after the Marvel character Rogue.

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