Spo Visit

Urspo, of Spo-Reflections, is in San Diego for a medical convention. Fearsome, The Better Half and I picked him up and wisked him away to dinner last night. It was a pleasure!

He and The Better Half are in very similar fields of medical practice. Thus the conversation varied from blogging, health, lifestyle, medicine, ideas, gossip, podcasts, movies and books to the effects of benzodiazepines on post menopausal women. It was a lively evening. Well, a lively evening of three fiftyish men with much in common.

I am happy to report to all of Urspo’s readers that he is sticking to his promised healthy eating habits. His choices of edibles were right on target with his proposed changes in habits. Well all except for the gelato, but Fearsome has a way of leading the sheep to slaughter. Urspo did order only one scoop, Fearsome had two. After dinner we had a nice stroll along University Avenue enjoying the sights and sounds of Hillcrest in hopes a walk would help work a little gelato off. Warning for those who may take a little stroll after dinner with Urspo, try to avoid walking across bridges with low railings, over freeways, as he will channel Mrs. Danvers somewhere about the middle of the bridge.


No worries, while first startled by the chilling yet coercing suggestion of Mrs. Danvers to jump, Fearsome quickly warded off the effort of Urspo’s twisted sense of humor…


This is a banner week for Fearsome as he will dine not only with one, but two of his blogging mentors. While he hosted Urspo here in his San Diego hometown last night, Tuesday he flys to Philly to attend a Real Estate conference where he is honored to dine with none other than the most fabulous Anne Marie Wednesday evening.

16 thoughts on “Spo Visit

  1. “he is honored to dine with none other than the most fabulous Anne Marie Wednesday evening.” – OH REALLY? MOST FABULOUS? honey, I am MAGNIFICENT, STUPENDOUS, and POSITIVELY EXTRAORDINARY! 🙂

    and there will be no bridges to cross.

  2. I have never disappointed when meeting blogger-friends, and am happy you enjoyed your visit with Spo. Have a fabulous time next week with Anne Marie, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several times!

  3. Again thank you and Ken so much for taking time and meeting up; a more splendid evening could not be imagined. The gelato was most delicious; you make a splendid Mrs. Danvers!

  4. So much awesome in both those pictures. The good kind of awesome.

    I hope to get to visit with Spo again sometime soon. And maybe find a way to make it to California and meet the Fearsome as well!

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