Taming of the Beard

Walking down the street on way to barber shop.

Walking down the street on way to barber shop.

Not a usual clean up but an actual taming.

Not a usual clean up but an actual taming.

Leaving the shop afterwards shorter yet still Fearsome.

Leaving the shop afterwards shorter yet still Fearsome.

Wow, I actually still have a neck!

For the time being we have decided that a leaner, trimmer Fearsome is in order. Change is good. All in all he lost 4-5 inches, but he’s still a sizable being. He and I both would like for him to have continued growing, but that will come at another time. Right now we will stick with lean and mean.


13 thoughts on “Taming of the Beard

  1. IMO, it looks awesome. We can see your lips now. You look younger, actually. Younger, neater, cleaner, something…it’s all good.

  2. You are one handsome man! You beard is magnificent no matter how you trim it! You and Fearsome are an inspiration to all of us who aim for beards. I have to ask, though – have you always been this hirsute? I can see some massive amounts of chest hair peaking in from behind Fearsome. I had noticed in a past post of one of you and your husband years ago that you appeared to be almost blond. Did you hair/beard darken as you got older? I am facing the big 5-0 in a couple of weeks and my beard is almost white.
    I don’t know if you remember me, but I am also the guy who grew up in Virginia – just up the road in August County! Thanks again.

    • I was a blonde boy for years ( one of those tow headed kids). Always had a dark brown beard & chest, blonde on the head. The head started darkening in my 40s. The grey is coming into the beard nicely…I’m a tad older than you. We all differ on greying. A few greys have started to show up on the chest, so far I’ve not noticed any on the head. And yes I’ve always been this hirsute…

  3. I LIKE IT! still butch, but manageable.

    your baseball team is in my hometown to play my baseball team this weekend. betcha your team will sweep us!

    PM me with info about your upcoming trip so I can schedule some time off work, OK? the boss likes to know in advance, NOT the day before! thanks in advance; can’t wait to see you!

  4. Awesome beard! I’m growing mine out for the first time and your beard is inspiring! Also I love your glasses frame.

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