Grow a Fucking Beard!

Look I’m not generally one to use what some consider profanity in a blog title but sometimes it’s appropriate.

Beards are great. Real Fucking Beards are even better!

I cannot fully explain what it’s like living with a Beard like Fearsome but I’ll try.

First off, Fearsome ain’t no regular trimmed and styled Beard. He’s a big Beard. A real Fucking Beard.

Fearsome Beard January 2019

Everyday I am am rewarded by the soft touch of Fearsome against my naked skin when I wake up. Yes during sleep I occasionally have to wake up to get him out from under me, out of an armpit or just to simply turn over, but it’s worth it.

Each morning I am blessed with the ritual of his care. The shampoo and conditioning feel wonderful between my fingers as his folicales untangle and lengthen. After blotting his frocks in a soft towel, I get to lovingly apply his leave in conditioner and massage in fragrant Beard oils. We finish with a thorough combing from roots to tips from side to side, front to back and under to outer. The rewards of such care are reaped every time a wind catches and lifts him over a shoulder, around behind my head and even when he lifts into my field of vision.

His movement is one of the greatest pleasures he brings me. I feel every turn of my head. We feel every breeze. He rests softly on my chest giving me a caressing touch even through the fabrics of my shirts. He is simply a divine gift.

He provides comedic relief at most all occasions and interactions. He’s quite social inviting most anyone into an easy conversation. He loves attention and making others smile. Why even at yoga as I am in downward dog he’s jokingly laying on the floor beneath me and can be found  mischievously obstructing my vision when in a headstand.

I cannot fully express my gratitude to the powers that gave me life and blessed me with the luxuriousness that is Fearsome Beard. I am grateful to myself for allowing him to blossom into the massive full Beard he has become. It has been more than 4 years since his last trim and he’s still growing longer day by day. There are no plans for any future trims either as that last one was a mistake from which we learned. Trimming does nothing but destroy the potential that any Beard has to become exceptional.

My advice to any man is to let it grow. Do not trim. Allow your Beard to become its potiential. Shampoo, condition and love your Beard.

Go ahead grow a Beard. Any Beard is worth growing and having. However if you’ve got a taste for adventure, grow a Fucking Beard.

ZZ Top Real Fucking Beards!


Cruising you tube while doing our physical therapy excercises the other night we stumbled upon this Beradilizer video ad featuring Marty Ray of the Marty Ray Project. Good clean beard entertainment it is.

Beardspirations they are.

We haven’t ever tried any Beardilizer products so we cannot vouch for their quality. We will put them on our list of future products to try.

Fearsome particularly likes the scene where the beard is blowing in the breeze out of the car window. I just wouldn’t like dealing with all the tangles after such an adventure but I’d gladly get over it.

Fearsome is well on his way to longer lengths than previously experienced. Wish him luck. Maybe one day he will reach the greatness of these.

Oh, my shoulder you asked since I mentioned physical therapy? It’s doing well. We are 8 weeks out and getting lots of movement back. This is work though, hard freakin’ work. The range of motion is not easy due to the scar tissue. With Fearsome’s encouragement I will get there.

About that Beard

Fearsome reminded me when I was reading an article that a dear blog buddy sent over that I haven’t posted a darn thing about beard care of recent. While we post plenty of Inspiration and Bearspiration, we ain’t been helping out with the actual beard care subjects of late.

The article that our BLOG BUDDY sent us can be found HERE. It’s a good read about a book appropriately named ‘Of Beards and Men’. I found it on both Amazon and iBooks and am deciding if I want electronic or traditional but definitely will be ordering it. Sounds as if it’s a good read. No worries as it will get a review once read.

To give us a push into the beard care posts, I turned yet again to you tube and found this short informative vid on one minute beard care. It comes from our friends over at Beard Brand. It’s worth the watch just for the Beardspiration of Jeff alone.

Fearsome gets a similar quick groom every morning. His emphasis of combing followed by brushing is key. The boar bristle brush is the best present I ever bought Fearsome. We add just a small amount of leave in conditioner just after the beard oil. We find the conditioner gives a light hold to keep Fearsome from getting too outta hand as the day progresses. We also spread the excess beard oils and conditioner onto our face, hair and neck for moisturizing.


It’s a hot San Diego night. Much warmer than normal for us. It’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Damn hot for us. I sit at Petco Park enjoying the wind down of the Baseball season.

San Diego Pares vs Colorado Rockies, at this 4th inning Padres 6, Rockies 2. Go Padres!

San Diego Pares vs Colorado Rockies, at this 4th inning Padres 6, Rockies 2. Go Padres!

Reading blogs is fun and often makes me think. Food for thought, things to contemplate I find as I visit blog friends. I read a friend’s blog today that got me a contemplatin’. Gave me inspiration to write as I watch the Padres first baseman tag a Rockie out. Blogspirating I call it.

Success, what is it really? Is it only material? Does it have to be big? Can it be measured? Does it make any one person better than another? Or, Is it personal? Spiritual? Simple?

Well I think most can agree that success can take many forms. For me, mostly, success is personal, simple and spiritual. I succeed anytime I share a smile, make another’s day better, give inspiration, leave a place better than I found it, let a car into traffic, make a donation to help a homeless dog, get to the gym, do yoga, let one of my puppies fall asleep on my chest, make a blog post, make a phone call for a client, answer a question, show a house, comfort a client when a real estate deal falls apart, and understand when someone makes a mistake or accidentally says something that I otherwise could find offensive.

I found a few quotes I would like to share. I hope one resonates with you.








Taming of the Beard

Walking down the street on way to barber shop.

Walking down the street on way to barber shop.

Not a usual clean up but an actual taming.

Not a usual clean up but an actual taming.

Leaving the shop afterwards shorter yet still Fearsome.

Leaving the shop afterwards shorter yet still Fearsome.

Wow, I actually still have a neck!

For the time being we have decided that a leaner, trimmer Fearsome is in order. Change is good. All in all he lost 4-5 inches, but he’s still a sizable being. He and I both would like for him to have continued growing, but that will come at another time. Right now we will stick with lean and mean.

Fearsomely un·con·di·tion·al

Contemplative beard Fearsome is tonight.

My family just left this morning headed to their homes back east. My brother, his wife, two of their kids, their son in law and a 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. It was a crazy time here at the usually quiet home of Fearsome. He had a great time.

I’ve written about unconditional love before on this here blog thingy. I felt that love for the past week. My niece and nephew that live here in San Diego were over often. We’ve been to the beach a couple times, a Padre game, numerous breweries, cooked at home, ate out, shopped on the bay, walked San Diego Zoo and strolled the streets of old town. We’ve laughed, played, cheered, talked politics, listened, told stories, entertained a child, washed dishes, shared videos from the internet and made memories.

Loving unconditionally. Period. Family, it’s what you do.

I am blessed. I am grateful. I appreciate. I love. I am humbled.



I contemplate the meaning. I feel the emotion. I grow. I understand deeper what the value, the real treasure, of life is.

Live, love, laugh, cry, feel, share…wholeheartedly.

Why do I blog?

This is a question I’m contemplating today.

I started to blog as a way to make me stop, think, reflect and to write. I had never kept a journal. I have not ever recorded my thoughts. I’m at a state in my life where I want to grow. Grow myself from the inside. I found I had nothing but sketchy memories to look back on where I had been, what I had done and how I perceived the experiences.

I’ve been regularly reading several blogs for years. I love reading the thoughts, emotions, feelings and perceptions of the blogs I had frequented. I suddenly realized that I could go back sometimes years on those blogs and reflect to a time or place, then return to the present to see the changes and growth of my blog friends. I decided I wanted that.

So I e-mailed a certain Spo and asked about it. He enthusiastically gave me some direction. Since that little beginning I have grown. I’ve learned a lot about myself. I still don’t Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the others, but I blog. I’ve gotten to know others better. I’ve learned about respect and how to better react. I’ve expanded my blog reading. I gain insight sometimes daily, other times slowly. I laugh. I cry. Others now know a bit about me. I hope it has helped them as much as it has helped me.

I see this as a platform for me to reach deeper into me and pull out more. I hope it to be a place where, through sharing, I can impact others for the better. Whether that impact is as simple as a smile, to as meaningful as a life changing shift in attitude or understanding. I also want it to be entertaining, fun and thoughtful.

I’m glad I started this journey. I’m grateful you are sharing it with me. That’s why I blog.

Beard police

While vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale I was approached by three different strangers who felt it necessary to share with me that there is a study out stating that beards are full of bacteria, can spread disease and are therefore unhealthy. All were men and all were clean shaven. I politely listened to all of them, shrugged my shoulders and let them know I would not be shaving.

I did go a little further with the third one who stated that’s why he had just shaved his off. He didn’t go away but seemed to want to debate it as if he wanted me to agree and shave mine off. He explained that beards filter the air and hold bacteria close to the skin and act as breeding grounds spreading disease. I finally got rid of him when I commented that he had a full head of hair that was filtering all the bacteria floating out of my beard and holding it close to his head, suggesting it might breed on his scalp and infect him.

I had noticed a couple of news bites on the internet before these encounters, so was aware that there is a beard scare out there. So after three people felt it so necessary to approach a stranger, me, about this public threat I decided to investigate. Turns out that germ phobia is quite a way to get ratings for a local TV news station. 

The current fear of beards apparently comes from a local TV station’s urgent report that a local “scientist” had taken samples from “several” bearded men and found bacteria. I put the “scientist” in quotes because he apparently did not take samples from the facial skin of any clean shaven men to use as a control group.

Germs, bacteria, fungus, viruses and the like are found everywhere. On our skin, inside of our bodies, in our mouths as well as on every surface we touch and in the air we breathe. Our pets have germs, our food has germs as well as the water we drink. In fact the majority of our bodies are microbes that are not actually us. Most microbes are not only harmless but beneficial.

So yes beards have germs. So does every inch of us. One should practice good hygiene and bathe daily, wash the beard in a good shampoo, clean the beard after eating and after sex.

As for the germophobes? There is a reason his name is Fearsome. So keep your unwarranted phobia to yourself and may I suggest you cross the street when you see us coming.

Beard on brothers! You might just scare off a germophobe today! WooHoo!


“Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear.” Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), English logician and philosopher


I feel I’m observing a lot of fear in our society at the present moment. It’s not that fear isn’t always showing up in our society, it’s when it seems to spread through crowds causing groups to act unreasonably that it stands out. Therefore I contemplate the above quote and then I choose to  focus on the one below.



I believe love can spread just as easily as fear or hate, I choose to spread love today.