We’ve always adored Barbra Streisand’s incredible rendition of Jingle bells that she debuted on her 1967 Barbra Streisand | A Christmas Album. Over the years it’s been covered and lip synched by many. However we here at Fearsome Beard | The Blog Thingy, have decided that Babs Levine covers it the best of all with her fabulous lip synch re-creation.
Take it away Babs … and get us  …Upsot?

Babs Levine – (Barbra Streisand’s 1967) Jingle Bells – 2013

Humor helps

Getting through these last few days of holiday madness I’ve found that a sense of humor helps. After driving through a significant portion of San Diego today dropping off gifts, I have witnessed first hand the madness. Drivers, mad drivers are definitely a majority. Their antics reminded me of Barbra’s 1967 classic Christmas album. The opening song that is. Given that Barbra didn’t produce music videos of that 1967 classic, I decided to let Babs Levine try her hand at lip syncing Barbra’s frantic opening song. Take it away Babs…

Much more fun than looking at a slide show of dramatic Barbra photos or sentimental Christmas scenes. Drive safe out there and watch out for Babs on the road. I swear she was one of those drivers that almost landed me in the median…upsot.