You don’t know me but I’m your brother

Taking it to the streets.
Don’t take for granted your right to take it to the streets.
It is our right to call out wrong when we see it. It is our right to speak up. It is our right to have our own opinion. It is our right to express ourselves. It is our right to vote and to have our vote counted. It is not only our right, but our duty, to help our brothers & sisters for the better.

Vote because not only your rights, but your life actually depends on it.

Takin’ it to the streets – Doobie Brothers – 1977

(OBTW, Michael McDonald is fine.)

Opinion piece

I have an opinion. So does the maker of this New York Times video.

We both have the right to express our opinions. We also have the right to agree or disagree or even maybe find a grey area or common ground, or at least we do right now.

If we wish to be able to freely have our opinions, express our opinions, debate our opinions and work toward common good we all must vote in the November midterms. That is vote before it’s too late.

Oh and the video? It’s worth the watch.

One more day

Good morning!

Today’s checklist is easy because today all you have to do is one thing:

1) VOTE!

I’ll just leave this little Sarah Jessica Parker number right here…

“Tomorrow” from one of our favorite Annies. The sun really will come out, have faith ’cause it really will all be ok.

Now please …just …go …vote.


“Don’t complain …Vote”

Driving home from the grocery this morning (first ever driving experience since surgery) I passed by the gate into our neighborhood Marine Corps Recruit Depot. San Diego’s MCRD is one of only two Marine training bases here in the continental U.S. the other being Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. MCRD is walking distance from our home, just at the base of the hill.

MCRD San Diego

MCRD San Diego

I posted about our neighborhood Marine base shortly after I started blogging. I just popped over to revisit that post. Quite insightful actually. If you have any interest you can check that post out simply by clicking HERE.

Anyhoo, I noticed that the lighted marquee sign over the security booth at the entrance brightly displayed the title of this post. “Don’t Complain …Vote” flashed brightly at me in red, white and blue.

The flashing lights bore their message right into me. I needed to see that. I need to contemplate and digest this profound little message.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the negative. The arguing, the insults, the twisted interpretations, the bias and closed minded attitudes all add up to stress. The stress is spread from one to another through confrontation and resistance. What o what is a beard to do?

A beard can do this: I can decide to focus on what resonates with me. I can speak about the positive points of the issues that I feel are important. I can support the causes and candidates that reflect my values. I can give to those causes and candidates. I can volunteer to support these campaigns for those causes and candidates. I can focus my efforts, energy and time toward the positive of those that I support. I can feel good about working for what I believe. I can vote and encourage others to do the same.

What if instead I choose complain about the causes and candidates I fear? I waste my energy. I cause myself stress. I convey stress and misery to others around me.

I’d much rather work toward what I want than to complain about what I don’t want.

I love my neighborhood Marine base. I’m energized by the message they shared with me today.

Semper Fi