Bewitched spells for the holiday

Samantha always pulled her holidays off without a glitch. Maybe we could learn a spell or two from her.

After seeing all those clips of her talent for getting through the holiday season, I think I’ll treat myself to a holiday episode. Want to join me?

Season 4 – Episode 16 – Humbug Not Spoken Here – 1967

Monster Mash

Bobby Pickett’s original is our favorite version of this Halloween Classic. This is his appearance live on American Bandstand. While I’m 99.5% positive this is a lip synch, he is live and his facial expressions are priceless.

Bobby Pickett – Monster Mash – Live on American Bandstand – October 1964

R U Lucky?

It’s almost finale time over at Ru Paul’s Drag Race and the competition is fierce!This top four is chock full of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.

Season 13 has been a bit of a love fest with the queens bonding at a level I don’t believe I have witnessed before. Given that it was set and filmed in the height of Covid isolation when most of the entertainment industry and the world was shut down, it’s definitely offered a different experience for them to come together and develop relationships at a deeper more intimate level.

I truly see the star quality in each of the final four, and am supportive of each of them winning. However only one can win so I am going to go out on my limb and say that I’ve decided I’m on team Symone. She was my first instinctual attraction for the crown upon her first appearance, she has proved herself and thus I’ll stick by her side.

Ru Paul ft. Symone, Gottmik, Kandy Muse & Rosé – Lucky – 2021 – Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 13

Million Dollar Listing

Being in Real Estate Sales I’m constantly asked if I watch Million Dollar Listing. My answer is no. I sell in Southern California. I sell million dollar homes. I show them, list them and sell them. I know many agents who, like myself, sell the same.

We are nothing like those agents portrayed on television. We are down to earth, caring people. We don’t drive Ferraris, we wear regular clothes and we don’t constantly yell at people on the phone. We have families, we are involved in our community and we volunteer for charities. We help first time buyers buy an entry level $300,000 home with low down payment financing. We also sell wealthy people $3,000,000 homes for all cash.

One of us million dollar listing agents looks like this:

Fearsome Sells San Diego

Fearsome Sells San Diego…seriously

Reality TV is anything but reality. Television needs ratings to sell commercials. Real life doesn’t get the ratings sensationalized life does. I drive a plug-in hybrid Ford Fusion. I live in a very nice neighborhood in an very nice yet modest home. I wear flannel shirts. I’m involved with dog rescue. I am blessed… and I don’t drive a Ferrari or live in an over financed mansion.

Life is good, just plain and simple yet very very good.

Thanks Edith!

I remember growing up with Archie Bunker. The grumpy bigoted white man who somehow could grow and change outside of his narrow minded views. He usually had the help of his wife Edith, his liberal long haired son in law or his black neighbors. Archie was a character that showed change, evolution and even growth was possible.

All in the Family was a ground breaking show for the 1970s. I remember it breaking into otherwise taboo social subjects of the era, notably race. It did occasionally touch on homosexuality but I somehow missed this episode that Matt Baum brings to us today. Giving credit where credit is due I found this clip on Joe.My.God this morning before I found it on Matt’s YouTube channel.

This episode actually touches on gay marriage. The show was originally aired in 1977. From Matt’s clip, the episode appears very well done. Now I want to find the whole episode. In the mean time check out this clip. I will post an update if I find the whole episode in a format I can embed here on this here blog thingy. I believe it’s important to know some of what changed our history and helped our culture to evolve on such social issues.

UPDATE: full episode was an easy find.