Rise Up

We here at Fearsome Beard have had the honor to watch Anna Buffini grow from a pretty little girl into the amazingly talented and beautiful woman she is today. We were in attendance at the Mastermind conference where she performed her version of Rise Up.
She inspires us.

Rise Up – Anna Buffini – 2018


An Angel

There is no mistake that Dolly is one of my many angels.

I’ve known this since that time I first ever remember hearing her voice come from the lone single rear speaker of that AM radio in the back of my mother’s white 1967 Buick as dad drove us through darkness along the back roads of Tennessee. That night we were en-route to visit mom’s family out in cotton country along the mighty Mississippi.

Dolly was singing her ‘Jolene’ that long dark night. I can remember the warmth, care and love in her voice as if it were yesterday. I’ve loved her ever since. I know to my core she loves me too. That’s just Dolly. She is pure love.

Dolly Parton, Peace Train.


The youngest of Fearsome’s two godsons just posted this video to YouTube. He choreographed it and he is the he of the five performing.

Talented he is.

Markus Hallmark

Look for more from this talented young man. A lot more of him you will see.

Devil’s Teeth

Fearsome found himself shaking out the rhythms of this new tune as I was driving the car. He tugged at my chin and asked me to post it.

Muddy Magnolias is a group we had yet to hear before. If this is any sample of what’s yet to come…bring it on baby cause we loves this tune!

Go ahead click on it, you are not going to regret it.

I’m gonna let you see me

It turns out that our beard of the day is not just another pretty beard but a talented pretty beard. His deep house rhythms will get your toes tappin’ and booty shakin’ to start the weekend.

The courage given to any of us through the vulnerability of letting someone truly see us is liberating. May I continue to grow allowing my vulnerabilities to show even if it’s just a little at a time. May the beauty of being ourselves, of being human, help us to shine beyond ourselves inspiring others to grow, give and share.

Unscripted Authenticity.

AB Soto, See Me.

Fearsomely Inspirational Music

Fearsome and I needed a lift this afternoon to send us into a productive yet enjoyable weekend. We selected 2Cellos teaming up with Lang Lang performing a Paul McCartney number kick us off…

The two of them are quite the talent and first appeared HERE shortly after Fearsome’s humble blog debut. May their raw talent, good looks, humor and incredible performance get your weekend off to a good start.