Summer childhood memories.

Punching holes in a metal lid for the glass relish jar that in which I would later imprison several unlucky ones.

Lightning bugs, as I called them, were always a summer highlight. Little did I realize the depth of their striking beauty.

We don’t have fireflies here in Southern California. While I do prefer my SoCal summer weather over the sweltering humidity of my native southeast, I sure do miss my mesmerizing little friends.

Whats one of your favorite summertime childhood memories?

…oh and Happy Summer Solstice 2017!

I’ve Got That Sunshine In My Pocket …..Summer is Here!

I don’t know about you, but our Summer’s around here are remembered with music. Each year a tune or two or maybe a specific artist leaves a stamp on the memory cells. This year the artist that has Fearsome singing to the radio while driving is Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats. We previously posted them on this LINK featuring their hit tune S.O.B about just needing a god-damned drink. Below is one of their latest ‘ I Need Never Get Old ‘…oh and don’t miss when he tries more Cowbell.

Back in May we posted a catchy Justin Timberlake number HERE. Featured in that post was the release day video. That post has turned out to be the most popular post ever on Fearsome Beard earning 41 hits in a day yesterday, a month and a half after posting. It’s averaging more than 15 unique hits a day. Therefore we believe ‘ Can’t Stop the Feeling ‘ is definately a song for the summer, if we are being hit that many times a day just from people looking for the tune. Below is the official video that was released after the drop video I posted before.

Summers is here. I got that sunshine in my pocket. I ain’t never going to get old. Why not get some sunshine in your pocket? It’ll keep us from getting old as we Dance Dance Dance!