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We flew into New York Last evening and started at Rockefeller Center.

Time Square

Under the ceiling of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre before seeing Kinky Boots

Back at Rockefeller Center

St. Patrick’s

Today at One World Trade Center

9/11 Memorial

Ceiling of Westfield World Trade Center

Battery Park view of Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Stonewall Plaza

Stonewall Inn

The Highline view of Empire State Building

Our 33rd floor room view of Chrysler Building


Where it began

I was but a young boy when people like me lived in the shadows.

Stonewall Inn New York NY circa 1969

Thanks to a few courageous souls who had had enough, I’d never really fully know that life they were forced into.


Coming in September

The base story is true, the movie embellished and charachters portrayed not necessarily exactly the ones responsible. Yes… Hollywood producers need the box office, however the story needs to be told and remembered. It was the ones actually there at Stonewall we can thank for where we are today. Stonewall jump-started the movement.

I wish to thank those  who rioted, as well as those who walked through the times after the riot.

(Credit for my finding this trailer goes out to Joe Jervis over at Joe.My.God)