Kilted Ballet

At my meeting the other night, I go to those you know,  we discussed Rule #62.

Rule #62 simply states “Don’t take yourself so damn seriously”.

These two handsomely Bearded blokes, known also as the Kitled Coaches, are a great example of the freedom and enjoyment of not taking oneself too seriously. Enjoy!

Blogging benefits

Laughter is incredibly good medicine.

Learning to lighten up and not take oneself so seriously lends itself to laughing more easily.

Allowing oneself to enjoy silly humor is often a great reliever of stress.

Blogging is allowing me to look at myself. When I step back and look at myself I find it best not to take myself too serious. I find humor in me, what I do and the things I find silly. Allowing myself to laugh, frees me of stress, allows me to become centered and gifts me the ability to grow.

Blogging has benefits. Benefits like being able to post this video.

Boys Don’t Cry – I Wanna Be A Cowboy

Rule 62

A big thank you to Dr. Spo for alerting us to this one.

Mondays are good for a little humor to get the week off on the correct foot. Fearsome believes that one should never ever take ones self too seriously.

These photos of babies with beards not only raises the bar for the hirsute goals of our offspring, but also gives us pause to begin the week with a chuckle of lightheartedness.

Simply click HERE to be directed to the original article by James Cave over on The Huffington Post.

Portrait of Expressive baby

Portrait of Expressive baby

Portrait of Expressive baby

Portrait of Expressive baby

Portrait of bearded baby