When I Think of You

You go Janet!

It was another of my regular Saturday nights out at the local gay disco in 1986, a disco called The Park. That cute guy I had met last weekend was out with me. His name you ask? Well like most really cute one, two or three weekend stands from that era of my life his name escapes me. However he was hot, or at least my memory says he was. One thing I do know for sure is that he was just slightly taller than I, he had dark hair and he could dance.

The mix of familiar pulsing music had us sweaty from a seemingly endless twirl on the dance floor. We took a break and stood in line to grab a couple cold draft Budweisers (it was the 80’s after all) when the pulse of music paused and the first few percussion beats of this new tune followed by those now familiar twinkle notes enveloped us. He screamed in his best queen for that moment voice “Oh my god, we have to get back out there! It’s Janet’s new song!” And the beers were forgotten as we lost ourselves back out on that dance floor to what would become one of may favorite all time Janet tracks.

What happened to that cute guy I’ll never know, but when I hear this tune I think of him…and when I think of him I smile.

Movie Beard

I love my iPad Pro.

I use it for all my blogging, my e mail, my business and my entertainment. It’s a constant companion. I load up on movie rentals, mostly the 99 cent iTunes specials. I’ve caught up on some good flicks thanks to the iTunes bargains and cross country flights.

Flying here to my mother’s house last week the personal in flight entertainment was the film Lawless.

Lawless is set in the early 1930s right here were I grew up. Well if you want to get technical one county to the south of where I grew up, Franklin County Virginia. I grew up with the stories of Franklin County. It had the history of being the wettest county during prohibition. Meaning that it produced the most bootleg whisky of anywhere period.

Growing up well after the prohibition era, Franklin County was still known for its moonshine production. Illegal stills were still being raided and destroyed even as I was in high school. I sampled my first moonshine from a mason jar in high school, it was from Franklin. One certain Blogger, I’m almost sure, can verify this as true. He grew up the same time I did right here in the region from which I speak and where I sit at this moment.

The history of Franklin County moonshine is so entrenched in the area that today there are now legal distilleries producing and selling it. I’m sure there are still some bootleggers lost in those hills. These Franklin County hillbillies don’t let go of no family traditions easily.

Although not my usual preference  for entertainment due to the violence in the preview, Lawless attracted me for several reasons. It is set in the area from which I and my father were raised. It is set in the era that my father was born. It would give me history and perspective. I think Tom Hardy is attractive. It was a 99 cent special on iTunes. It had some good reviews and looked like it could be a pretty good flick.

It’s a good film. I recommend it.

This here is a story ’bout a moonshine cookin’ family. Them there Bondurant boys. Now they didn’t mean to become no outlaws. Theys were jus tryin’ to make a livin, but outlaws they became. Some called them indestructible, well hell maybe even immortal.

The story is one of endurance and also of change. Change for the bad and for the good.

Fearsome? Oh hell he loved the flick.