A Fearsome Favorite

Beard oil is a must have for anyone having a beard longer than an inch or more in length. We reccomend beard oil for anyone wanting to sport even stubble. It softens the skin, the stimulates the follicles and the soothes the soul. Beard oils are a necessity.

Not all beard oils are created equal. I’ve thrown a few in the trash after only a use or two.

There are many companies out there with many products. Most are pretty good. Some aren’t. Put it this way if they have snazzy eye catching videos but are selling something for only a dollar, you are getting what you pay for. Having said that, there are other companies that way overcharge for products that are just average.

I’ve found many a great beard oil for around $12-$15 for two once bottles. These are reasonably priced as a two ounce bottle will last a month or two depending on your length. I am, however, always watching for a good deal.

A couple of months ago I found Bossman Beard Oil Jelly on Amazon priced at $14.99 for a four ounce bottle. Four ounces? That’s a good price so I clicked “add to cart”.

Bossman Beard Oil Jelly

Skeptical I was at first try as it was thick, different and was very affordably priced, I found myself quite impressed. I’ve used it daily for two months and have ordered two more bottles. It’s now all three bathrooms and in my travel kit. It is my highly reccomended go to for daily after shower beard care and grooming. Plus it smells great!


Movie Beard / Patti Cake$

Yesterday we flew from San Diego to Ft Lauderdale. We being Fearsome and myself.

The Better Half had recommended a movie called Patti Cake$. His reccomendation was a good one.

Diversity, acceptance, love, inspiration and adversity in a refreshing reality. Well filmed, acted, directed and edited.

The above Video is a blend of movie clips assembled into a music video of an original tune this flick gives us.

Highly reccomended film. Two mustache tips up on this one!

Airline Double Feature Picture Show

Quiet Beard Fearsome is of recent. I’ve been busy (no excuse) and haven’t allowed Fearsome any time to think. He’s a bit miffed at me.

Tuesday we flew to the east coast in order to attend one of my Real Estate seminars in Richmond Virginia. Friday we rented a Hyudia Elantra and drove ourselves through blinding rain to the old home stomping grounds of Roanoke.

Aboard the friendly skies of United to Richmond via Newark the handy dandy iPad Pro entertainment system treated us to two notable flicks. The first feature is a classic that I had missed along the way. Pedro Almodovar’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown …

What took me so long to see this film? Needless to say Fearsome loved it! I’m going to follow up by purchasing it. Entertaining, campy, hilarious, fast paced, twisted, visually gratifying and memorable are just a few of the adjectives that pop into my head. It is highly recommended by both of us and therefore gets two mustache tips up.

Tip: if renting from iTunes it will default to the dubbed version. The dubbing is terrible. It at least allows one to hear the priceless lines in ones own native English… if English is ones native tongue. After which both of us highly reccomend re-watching with its original Spanish soundtrack which one can choose in the iTunes menu and also choose the subtitles in several convenient languages.  Fabulous! Period.

Feature number two? You ask? A heartwarming documentary by the name of Chicken People.

Quirky, funny, interesting, endearing and enlightening come to mind. The human experience is an facinating adventure. Learning about interests other than my own through such an entertaining film as this little gem is a treasure. I simply adore being eccentric and therefore love other’s eccentricities.

You guessed it right if you predicted another two mustache tips up on this highly reccomended flick.

Movie Beard…Double Feature!

Hollywood makes many films of many genres, storylines, subjects and styles because all of us have different taste, likes and attractions.

Why? Why do they? Why do I make this statement? Because not all films that you like, will I like and vice versa.

First up:

A lot of people seem to like a film by the name of Manchester by the Sea.

Fearsome and I? We didn’t.

After watching this film the word that first comes to our mind is ‘Tedious’.

Manchester by the Sea is a tedious film that moves slowly, relies heavily on camera angles/lighting, has flat characters, and left us feeling like “What’s the point?” We kept waiting for an epiphany, change or something to happen but it doesn’t. Just doesn’t.

We understand that apparently The Academy and possibly many of you reading this may have a different opinion. That’s ok. We all have different taste and this flick simply wasn’t  our cup of tea. Thus we give Manchester by the Sea two mustache tips down.

Up next:

Other than it starring Meryl Streep, we hadn’t heard much about a flick named Florence Foster Jenkins.

We adored this little diddy. Both Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant seem to thoroughly enjoy their roles. We thouroughly enjoyed watching them. The story is fun and quirky. The film well done. The pace is fast and enjoyable. The characters grow and mature. Overall just good entertainment.

Love, courage, laughter, care, hope, warmth and a true story of eccentricity all rolled together into a couple hours of fun. We give this film two mustache tips up. It truly is our cup of tea.

Which one is your cup of tea? Inquiring beards are always interested to know.



I love travel.

I love my home.

I met a dear old friend at The Gateway theatre in Ft. Lauderdale to see a certain musical that takes place in a certain SoCal location.

Unfortunately the opening scene is yet to be found in the clips. Just the song will have to do. And it does fine. From the moment this song started until the very end of the credits a warm feeling filled my heart as Fearsome absorbed the joyful tears and covered the smile beaneath his oversized mustache.

This movie is beautiful. This movie is Los Angeles. This movie helped me to realize that Southern California is my beloved home. I may not have been born here, but this is home. Seeing this flick while sitting in a comfortable and familiar theatre in my home away from home only cemented that I am a Californian to the bone.

We cried, we laughed, we smiled, we loved, we dreamed, we hoped, we accepted, we enjoyed.

We reccomend.

The movie made me us homesick. Now we are home. We are home in San Diego just south of LA. A place who just lost their football team to LA, but we don’t care. Our home is Southern California. Realizing we love San Diego so much makes us realize we love Los Angeles as well. We love where we live. Homesick is actually good. A movie that can evoke such deep intimate feelings is good.

I love to travel. I love to come home.

I am home.

Another day of sun. Just dream.

Movie Beard

The phrase “Friendship is Magic” is usually associated with this show:

My Little Pony, which is one of Fearsome’s favorites. He qualifies as a “Brony” in my book. Although I have to admit I rather enjoy the cartoon myself.

I am on the east coast visiting family at the moment, as is evident by yesterday’s Beard of the Day featuring my nephew, his son and Fearsome Himself. Being on the east coast means I’ve spent some time aboard yet another United Airlines 737-900. Flying means movie time.

My physical therapist, who has been taking great care of the shoulder, recommended a couple movies that were her all time favorites. She seems to be a spirit that is rather kindred to my own, so I took her up on her recommendation. On this flight out I chose to watch this one:

Fearsome and I agree that there is one word that sums up our feelings about this film. That word is “Beautiful”.

It is one of those late 1980s flicks that we somehow had missed. We are indebted to the physical therapist for her recommendation, kindred spirit she is. This film grabbed us, held us and enriched us.

What the hell does My Little Pony have to do with Bagdad Cafe?

There is a common message. Friendship truly is magic. All we need to do is be open to friendship, cherish friendship and cherish each other. We all have common threads. We simply must just allow ourselves to show the least amount of vulnerability and magic happens.

We give this film two mustache tips curled up!

Movie Beard

Ethan & Joel Coen’s Blood Simple.

This Blogger as well as this one both suggested that if I was a Coen Brother’s movie fan, this movie was a must.

It hasn’t been an easy movie to find. It wasn’t on iTunes, then it was (very briefly), then it wasn’t. Same with Amazon. If one could find one, DVD copies were selling for $50.00. This week it showed up on iTunes again. It’s a new 2016 digital remaster. The remaster was overseen by Joel & Ethan Coen. Being that it was their very first film and a very low budget 35mm from 1985, although I never saw the original one, the remaster was probably a good thing.

As far as the movie? One word, Brilliant.

I’ve been a Coen Brothers fan for many many years yet had never seen their original film. I highly recommend it. It is a classic suspense thriller. It’s dark and perfect for the upcoming Halloween Season.

Fearsome? I found him hiding behind me on the couch peeking out over my shoulder to watch. He loved it.


Product Review

I’m an apple products kind of guy. I drank the Kool-aid when I traded the old blackberry in for my first iPhone 4 about 6  years ago. Since then I made the complete change over and now have an iPad Air, iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro. Superior products that I find worth the costs.

I was due an upgrade on my iPhone 6 but thought why? The 7 looks the same and I don’t need a better camera and although the water-resistant feature would be nice, I have never damaged an iPhone with liquid.

Then my lightening port gave me an issue so I decided instead of using the insurance which had a deductible, I’d just use the cash molecules for the deductible for an upgrade to the 7.

WOW. Apple does it again. It may look the same but the phone is a surprisingly wonderful upgrade from the 6. From the new home button technology to the sound and the speed this is a well done upgrade.

I didn’t even know I wanted one and  now I’m glad I did. Kudos to Apple. The iPhone 7 is worth it.

Movie Beard

I love my iPad Pro.

I use it for all my blogging, my e mail, my business and my entertainment. It’s a constant companion. I load up on movie rentals, mostly the 99 cent iTunes specials. I’ve caught up on some good flicks thanks to the iTunes bargains and cross country flights.

Flying here to my mother’s house last week the personal in flight entertainment was the film Lawless.

Lawless is set in the early 1930s right here were I grew up. Well if you want to get technical one county to the south of where I grew up, Franklin County Virginia. I grew up with the stories of Franklin County. It had the history of being the wettest county during prohibition. Meaning that it produced the most bootleg whisky of anywhere period.

Growing up well after the prohibition era, Franklin County was still known for its moonshine production. Illegal stills were still being raided and destroyed even as I was in high school. I sampled my first moonshine from a mason jar in high school, it was from Franklin. One certain Blogger, I’m almost sure, can verify this as true. He grew up the same time I did right here in the region from which I speak and where I sit at this moment.

The history of Franklin County moonshine is so entrenched in the area that today there are now legal distilleries producing and selling it. I’m sure there are still some bootleggers lost in those hills. These Franklin County hillbillies don’t let go of no family traditions easily.

Although not my usual preference  for entertainment due to the violence in the preview, Lawless attracted me for several reasons. It is set in the area from which I and my father were raised. It is set in the era that my father was born. It would give me history and perspective. I think Tom Hardy is attractive. It was a 99 cent special on iTunes. It had some good reviews and looked like it could be a pretty good flick.

It’s a good film. I recommend it.

This here is a story ’bout a moonshine cookin’ family. Them there Bondurant boys. Now they didn’t mean to become no outlaws. Theys were jus tryin’ to make a livin, but outlaws they became. Some called them indestructible, well hell maybe even immortal.

The story is one of endurance and also of change. Change for the bad and for the good.

Fearsome? Oh hell he loved the flick.


Damn good

Fearsome is ecstatic. His new Whisker Dam arrived in our mailbox today.

Whisker Dam

Whisker Dam

Fearsome’s mustache has been on the grow of recent. You see after Fearsome’s big trim last fall we decided to return to growth over mistakenly perceived necessity for a conforming conservative look. We also decided to let his mustache grow into its glory as well, with no unnecessary trimming. You know…big beard AND big ‘stache…

Beverage challenging Fearsome 'stache

Beverage challenging Fearsome ‘stache

After stumbling upon the Whisker Dam and reading a couple reviews I decided to treat us to one and see if this thing might really work. We are happy to report that yes the Whisker Dam is a mightly fine product. No more coffee stains all down the front of my shirt. Why we might even dare to wear white again, on occasion, now that we have one of these fabulous thingys.

If you are a hirsute fellow like ourselves, or just a plain old pogoniac, we highly recommend clicking HERE to go over to the Whisker Dam website and pick up one for yourself.

As they say on their website, “It’s like an umbrella for your face”.

Movie Beard

Ok …so Fearsome and I have a confession to make, we rather enjoy pubescent boy humor…that is well done pubescent humor. Last week iTunes 99cent rental was:

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse ….

Fearsome thought for 99 cents we can rent this for the flight and turn it off if it’s too much a load of crap. Well it’s a load of well done good crap. We actualy watched it twice during yesterday’s travels. If there is an award for ‘Well done bad movie “B”horror/comedy mash up’ then this one wins.

I give it a thumbs up and Fearsome has both ends of his stache up for approval. We do warn that this preview is graphic yet humorous-It is not approved for all audiences.

Movie Beard

🎵Every Day Feels Like Summer With You🎵

Fearsome talked me into playing hookie yesterday morning. We indulged in a movie from iTunes over the iPad onto the Apple TV. What would we do without all these Apple thingys?

Who needs a preview when a movie features a toe tappin’ tune as fabulous as this one?

If someone had told me that I’d spend an hour and a half enjoying a SILENT animated film, I’d a told ’em they was crazy or on drugs. Then I would have had to apologize to them because they were right.

Shaun the Sheep is a good flick. It’s chock full of fun, humor, friendship, adventure and joy all with a bit of suspense thrown in. The animation is well done and a take on the claymation genre of which I am fond.  A heartwarming story is told through action and music without ever a single word.

I found this film a nice break from the norm. It’s Oscar nomination was well deserved. To ice the cake, it’s main character has one of my favorite names. We recommend this film for fun & easy entertainment viewing.

🎵Everything thing feels like starting a new🎵😃

Movie Beard

We did it again. We found ourselves sitting in a cinema the opening weekend of the flick we were about to experience. A movie that was first previewed during our attendance of Comic-Con.

But first a public service announcement from the star of the show:

Deadpool, the anti super hero, super hero flick.Ryan Reynolds plays this one well. His playful and mischievous wit brings our twisted hero to life all while poking fun at himself.

Being a super hero story it has all the classic necessities: Regular guy (a hit man) mutates to have super powers, a lovely damsel (stripper) gets into distress, an evil villain (physician healer with unconventional treatments), a super hero sidekick (bartender) all combined with the chase scenes, love story, suspense, horror, sex, vulgar language, nudity, humor, shady characters, cameo appearances and even the positive redeeming moral message. Yep this flick has it all.

Clocking in right at 2 hours we found this film full of laughter, mischief and pure entertainment. It is most definately an anti super hero, super hero movie. The action, suspense, humor, special effects, acting and directing all seem to work. We give this one high marks and highly recommend it’s viewing.

My thumb is up as is Fearsome’s mustache. The better half and the niece who joined us also each give a thumb up. It was fun for the whole family. Check out the trailer…

Disclaimer: Caution to those with younger viewers, our niece is 18, I’m not sure I would want to take her if she was say…under 13. If you watched the public service announcement and/or the trailer I think you may know that by now.


Movie Beard

A movie critic? A beard with an opinion? Movie reviews for beards?

How many movie posts does it take? I’m not sure but I think a line has been crossed.

RayBeard and Blobby might be getting a little competition. Hopefully they will just be proud of this hirsute fellows movie interests.

The latest and greatest news is that Fearsome talked me into taking him to see an actual new release of a movie the very weekend it was released. Gasp! Yes Virginia on Sunday while in Ft. Lauderdale instead of going to a bar and watching that big football game that was on, we went to a movie. Just the two of us. I am amazed how Fearsome seems to get in free with just my ticket purchase.

The movie:

Yes, our much anticipated Coen Brother’s film…Hail, Caesar! This one we could not wait any longer to see as we have been salivating over it for months. A premier weekend with a football game so big that practically no one would be at the cinema? Viewing perfection! Better yet we got to see at Ft Lauderdale’s vintage art house The Gateway.


I am a long time Coen Brother’s fan. I appreciate their dark complex humor, attention to detail, taste, talent selection and obviosly above average directing capabilities. Originally introduced to them through the classic flick Raising Arizona, I unfortunatley didn’t come to fully appreciate them until my first viewing of Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Personal appreciation of their brand is either black or white. One usually either adores or despises their work.

Hail, Caesar! did not disappoint this fan. From the accurate set decor to the campy dry humor, we enjoyed this flick. Fearsome and I both agree that we do not belive it is the Coen’s best. We do feel that it does live up to their brand and is good solid, yet twisted, entertainment. It is a film that we will see several more times in order to fully appreciate. Even if one doesn’t fully appreciate or comprehend the classic quirkiness that is all movies Coen, one will enjoy the classic old Hollywood sets, styles and look.

We award this film one thumb and one mustache up!     …..disclaimer here is that it is an Joel & Ethan Coen film, your going to love or hate us for recommending as we sincerely doubt there is any middle ground.