I repost this wonderful Gilda Radner diddy again because I simply need something to take my mind off politics today.

Who knows if it conveniently coincidentally just might allegedly be a message to a certain political body? Who knows?

Let’s go with I’ll just enjoy Gilda’s incrdibly humorous talent. She brightens my day.

Kathy Griffin

Look what you made me do…

Yeah bitches that what you made me do.

San Diego;s Civic Center Main Stage 7/28/18

I laughed my head off bitches! I laughed my head off for three hours along with 2,200 other bitches. Yup, we went to see Kathy Griffin’s Laugh Your Head Off World Tour here in San Diego last night.


Well if you ain’t, you oughta be. She was, and still is, fabulous.

While what she may have done last year might have possibly been in bad taste, what she did is not illegal and in fact is protected in our constitution.

Fearsome is still recovering as he covers my laugh lines.