Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward All

Fearsome believes the true meaning of Christmas is peace, love, humility, acceptance and forgiveness. For us the meaning is not commercial nor is it religious. It is simply a celebration of the miracle that is life.

We want to wish each and everyone of you love and peace. May your dreams come true.

Merry Christmas




Sharing from my own experience I’ve found that the only way to overcome an obstacle in life is to look beyond it and keep moving. It’s ok to stop and look at the obstacle, then acknowledge it for what it is and get back on track.

Dream Big

I went to the movie theatre today. I treated Fearsome to a discounted matinee at 10:55 am. It’s a holiday week, that void between Xmas and New Years. I have to say it’s been a while since I went to a movie in a theatre.

First thing I noticed was there was no longer a ticket window. You just walk into a lobby and there are a couple guys standing there with iPads for those like me who are blissfully unaware that you are supposed to buy the ticket online before you arrive. They will help you buy a ticket which is now only $16.50 for a discounted matinee. The iPad they are holding only takes credit cards, no cash welcome any longer. The iPad also assigns you a seat. Assigned seating at a cinema was a definite first for me.

After paying admission, I escorted Fearsome into the multiplex which I do have to admit is nicer than any I have ever before experienced. It had better been nice since the ticket buying process, assigned seating and admission price had me feeling every day of my age.

We went to see The Peanuts Movie. Snoopy has been my hero since I was a wee little lad and long before the puberty experience that gave me Fearsome. I can so relate to Charlie Brown. I do have to say that the movie is quite enjoyable. I laughed, smiled, danced in my seat and even shed a couple tears. I’m glad I took the time to see it on the big screen. It was a great experience to be a big kid in a theatre full of actual kids with their laughter and excitement.

Charlie Brown reminds me to dream, believe, hope and stay the course. Snoopy reminds me to keep a light heart, dance, laugh and never ever take things too seriously.