Open Doors

”Listing Opportunity” the e-mail is titled

Another marketing spam my mind reacts

A closer observation before deletion reveals sincerity

The e-mail is opened and legit

In my work the listing is key

The key  to my future income and financial security

A response is sent with hope awakened

Anticipation mounts as an appointment to meet is made

Comparble homes are noted and pricing is set

Presentation prepared I properly dress

Upon arrival I stand before a home I might sell

A face of an owner waves me to the side door

Introductions made then a tour ensues

A large flowing floor-plan, a modern kitchen, luxurious baths

Views over the valley and to the ocean in the west

Expansive entertaining patio featuring gardens of beauty, privacy and tranquil

One million seven hundred ninety five thousand the asking price will be

Oh wait there’s another agent or two to interview

Feeling confident I am with the bond we made

Put off another day with more questions asked

Reassurances received from compliments conveyed

Seems they are busy and haven’t finalized decision

Another question, another compliment, yet a few more days

Tomorrow they will confirm with me my listing to be

The Dear John e-mail comes and my hopes fade

Two weeks of hope that my next paycheck will be are lost in a moment

That door open, that door closed

Another door will open as they always do

Which door will let me in I never know

Learning to accept and remain at peace is my goal

Gratitude that doors do open, enriches my soul

The future’s so bright

Do we create our own life? Destiny?

A subject that can take many different paths, with many different opinions and could be quite lengthy.

My simple easy take on it is this: Yes we do create our own lives.

I believe we create our lives by how we percieve what is around us and what happens to us. We react to what we percieve. It is in how we react and what we choose to do with it that allows us to create.

If we focus on the bad or the negative then that is what we see, we close ourselves to any opportunity that may come with the situation in front of us. If we focus on the good in any situation we open ourselves to what could be and what could be better thus we are open to opportunity.

To me life is a choice. Do I wish to choose to see opportunities or do I wish to only see dead ends?

I choose to choose good, openness and opportunity. I choose to create my life, write my own story, paint my own destiny and grow as Fearsome grows.

The possibilities are endless.