Hail Satan?

Squeeeee! It’s finally out on iTunes.

Hail Satan? The official documentary about The Satanic Temple.

Yes I bought it and have already watched it. I give it two thumbs up and Fearsome gave it two mustache tips up. It’s informative, fun and often hilarious.

Highly recommended.

Hail Satan.

Comic-Con 2017 Countdown

It’s almost here…

Nicely embossed little box…

Filled with an all four day pass including Preview Night!

It’s been a long wait since that final day last year. Nerdvanna is almost upon us! This is gonna be good! You can check out the schedule of events HERE.

Any readers have a special request from the inside? Let me know via comments and let’s see what Fearsome can do.

Movie Beard…Double Feature!

Hollywood makes many films of many genres, storylines, subjects and styles because all of us have different taste, likes and attractions.

Why? Why do they? Why do I make this statement? Because not all films that you like, will I like and vice versa.

First up:

A lot of people seem to like a film by the name of Manchester by the Sea.

Fearsome and I? We didn’t.

After watching this film the word that first comes to our mind is ‘Tedious’.

Manchester by the Sea is a tedious film that moves slowly, relies heavily on camera angles/lighting, has flat characters, and left us feeling like “What’s the point?” We kept waiting for an epiphany, change or something to happen but it doesn’t. Just doesn’t.

We understand that apparently The Academy and possibly many of you reading this may have a different opinion. That’s ok. We all have different taste and this flick simply wasn’t  our cup of tea. Thus we give Manchester by the Sea two mustache tips down.

Up next:

Other than it starring Meryl Streep, we hadn’t heard much about a flick named Florence Foster Jenkins.

We adored this little diddy. Both Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant seem to thoroughly enjoy their roles. We thouroughly enjoyed watching them. The story is fun and quirky. The film well done. The pace is fast and enjoyable. The characters grow and mature. Overall just good entertainment.

Love, courage, laughter, care, hope, warmth and a true story of eccentricity all rolled together into a couple hours of fun. We give this film two mustache tips up. It truly is our cup of tea.

Which one is your cup of tea? Inquiring beards are always interested to know.


Movie Beard

Ok …so Fearsome and I have a confession to make, we rather enjoy pubescent boy humor…that is well done pubescent humor. Last week iTunes 99cent rental was:

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse ….

Fearsome thought for 99 cents we can rent this for the flight and turn it off if it’s too much a load of crap. Well it’s a load of well done good crap. We actualy watched it twice during yesterday’s travels. If there is an award for ‘Well done bad movie “B”horror/comedy mash up’ then this one wins.

I give it a thumbs up and Fearsome has both ends of his stache up for approval. We do warn that this preview is graphic yet humorous-It is not approved for all audiences.

Movie Beard

We did it again. We found ourselves sitting in a cinema the opening weekend of the flick we were about to experience. A movie that was first previewed during our attendance of Comic-Con.

But first a public service announcement from the star of the show:

Deadpool, the anti super hero, super hero flick.Ryan Reynolds plays this one well. His playful and mischievous wit brings our twisted hero to life all while poking fun at himself.

Being a super hero story it has all the classic necessities: Regular guy (a hit man) mutates to have super powers, a lovely damsel (stripper) gets into distress, an evil villain (physician healer with unconventional treatments), a super hero sidekick (bartender) all combined with the chase scenes, love story, suspense, horror, sex, vulgar language, nudity, humor, shady characters, cameo appearances and even the positive redeeming moral message. Yep this flick has it all.

Clocking in right at 2 hours we found this film full of laughter, mischief and pure entertainment. It is most definately an anti super hero, super hero movie. The action, suspense, humor, special effects, acting and directing all seem to work. We give this one high marks and highly recommend it’s viewing.

My thumb is up as is Fearsome’s mustache. The better half and the niece who joined us also each give a thumb up. It was fun for the whole family. Check out the trailer…

Disclaimer: Caution to those with younger viewers, our niece is 18, I’m not sure I would want to take her if she was say…under 13. If you watched the public service announcement and/or the trailer I think you may know that by now.


Movie Beard

A movie critic? A beard with an opinion? Movie reviews for beards?

How many movie posts does it take? I’m not sure but I think a line has been crossed.

RayBeard and Blobby might be getting a little competition. Hopefully they will just be proud of this hirsute fellows movie interests.

The latest and greatest news is that Fearsome talked me into taking him to see an actual new release of a movie the very weekend it was released. Gasp! Yes Virginia on Sunday while in Ft. Lauderdale instead of going to a bar and watching that big football game that was on, we went to a movie. Just the two of us. I am amazed how Fearsome seems to get in free with just my ticket purchase.

The movie:

Yes, our much anticipated Coen Brother’s film…Hail, Caesar! This one we could not wait any longer to see as we have been salivating over it for months. A premier weekend with a football game so big that practically no one would be at the cinema? Viewing perfection! Better yet we got to see at Ft Lauderdale’s vintage art house The Gateway.


I am a long time Coen Brother’s fan. I appreciate their dark complex humor, attention to detail, taste, talent selection and obviosly above average directing capabilities. Originally introduced to them through the classic flick Raising Arizona, I unfortunatley didn’t come to fully appreciate them until my first viewing of Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Personal appreciation of their brand is either black or white. One usually either adores or despises their work.

Hail, Caesar! did not disappoint this fan. From the accurate set decor to the campy dry humor, we enjoyed this flick. Fearsome and I both agree that we do not belive it is the Coen’s best. We do feel that it does live up to their brand and is good solid, yet twisted, entertainment. It is a film that we will see several more times in order to fully appreciate. Even if one doesn’t fully appreciate or comprehend the classic quirkiness that is all movies Coen, one will enjoy the classic old Hollywood sets, styles and look.

We award this film one thumb and one mustache up!     …..disclaimer here is that it is an Joel & Ethan Coen film, your going to love or hate us for recommending as we sincerely doubt there is any middle ground.



Dream Big

I went to the movie theatre today. I treated Fearsome to a discounted matinee at 10:55 am. It’s a holiday week, that void between Xmas and New Years. I have to say it’s been a while since I went to a movie in a theatre.

First thing I noticed was there was no longer a ticket window. You just walk into a lobby and there are a couple guys standing there with iPads for those like me who are blissfully unaware that you are supposed to buy the ticket online before you arrive. They will help you buy a ticket which is now only $16.50 for a discounted matinee. The iPad they are holding only takes credit cards, no cash welcome any longer. The iPad also assigns you a seat. Assigned seating at a cinema was a definite first for me.

After paying admission, I escorted Fearsome into the multiplex which I do have to admit is nicer than any I have ever before experienced. It had better been nice since the ticket buying process, assigned seating and admission price had me feeling every day of my age.

We went to see The Peanuts Movie. Snoopy has been my hero since I was a wee little lad and long before the puberty experience that gave me Fearsome. I can so relate to Charlie Brown. I do have to say that the movie is quite enjoyable. I laughed, smiled, danced in my seat and even shed a couple tears. I’m glad I took the time to see it on the big screen. It was a great experience to be a big kid in a theatre full of actual kids with their laughter and excitement.

Charlie Brown reminds me to dream, believe, hope and stay the course. Snoopy reminds me to keep a light heart, dance, laugh and never ever take things too seriously.