The Viking Mindset

Fearsome has recently been reminding me that I’ve been lacking in motivational posts.

Personally I need to feed my mind motivational video, books, podcasts and affirmations in order to stay positive, grow and move forward. I find it helps me stay on track and avoid stagnation. I agree with Fearsome that I’ve dropped that ball along the way and, of recent, have become stagnant.

Since we have a new year upon us therefore, not to be cliché but maybe to be cliché, I’m going to follow Fearsome’s suggestion and seek out motivational things to occasionally share on a more frequent basis. You have been forewarned. 😉

To start our little self motivational endeavor we turn to our old friends Stephen & Rab who are better known as The Kilted Coaches.

“A Viking never seeks hardship, but is always ready for it. The thing is…in order to be ready for it,  he must seek it out. This is the Viking mindset.”
…The Kilted Coaches

“Growing is never easy. If we don’t seek growth, there will not be growth.”
…Fearsome Beard


Peace, it’s better

Retaliatory bombing is not good…

Hate cannot destroy hate, only love can do that.

War is not the answer…

Darkness cannot end darkness only light can do that.

I believe in peace.  I believe in love. I believe in better. I believe in diplomacy. I believe in discussion. I believe in enlightenment. I believe in education. I believe in understanding. I believe in working together.

In times like these it never hurts to let your voice be heard for what you believe in.

Contact your senators HERE.

Find your congressional representative by clicking THIS.

Your governor can be found at this LINK.

One call or e-mail may not seem like much. One call, one e-mail and one vote is all that is needed to make a difference, to tip the balance, to instill motivation, to change the outcome.



Silence is Complicit.


Mrs. Evans

A couple days ago I started organizing my paperwork for my tax accountant. I’m one of those who has a big file drawer who throws the entire year into it unorganized but in the drawer. Each February I empty the drawer in order to separate all receipts, bills, documents and the like into a proper order for accumulating the data necessary to file taxes for a self employed person. It’s quite the monumentous task.

I have rituals to make it a tolerable task.

First I go in knowing have planted some cards or notes that I have received in the past in that drawer the year before to stumble upon to break up the monotony. I started this years ago. I move the cards back into the drawer each year from the year before so I can find them Year after year as hidden treasures. Each year a new card or note makes its way into this collection, something that is special and evokes personal emotion. The cards get mixed up in there so I never know when I will happen upon one.

Then upon emptying the drawer I find the place on the internet where the Maya Angelou Master Class, which I posted a couple days back, is now located. It’s always bootleggely posted somewhere until the powers that own it find it and then it will show up in some other obscure place. I then proceed to play this 42 minute Master Class on a continueous loop as background listening. It motivates me while it reinforces my personal values as well as those I strive to obtain.

Once my drawer is dumped out on the sorting table (a desk in the guest room) and Maya is playing in the background, I commence opening each crumpled receipt, paper and card. I read each one and start making piles on the guest room bed. Piles of organization for filing, tabulating and organizing.

This year I was stopped in my tracks by this:

Halloween card from Betty L. Drummond ...AKA Mrs. Evans

Halloween card from Betty L. Drummond …AKA Mrs. Evans

The last card I ever received from her.

The last card I ever received from her.

Betty Evans was the lady across the street when I was growing up. My mother worked for the parks and recreation department of our city, Betty was a stay at home mom who’s kids were a little older. Mrs. Evans was my baby sitter and second mom. She wasn’t the most refined of ladies. She was not blessed with money or an easy life. She was just a woman full of love and a woman who loved life. She loved me as if I was one of hers and I loved her as if she were my mom.

Mrs. Evans became quite ill later in her life and this card from 1998 was the last one I ever received from her. By the time she wrote this card she had sold her home across the street from my parents and moved in with her son. I had apparently tucked the card away in the back of our antique china cabinet. Last January we sold that Art Deco dining room set and I had found the card cleaning it out. In my receipt drawer it went.

Finding that card brought back a rush of childhood into the mundane yearly task of receipt sorting. It helped to bring me to a place of gratitude for the life I have been blessed with so far, the life I’m gifted with at this very moment and the bright future that lies ahead.

Betty (Evans) Drummond taught me that no matter what happens, no matter when life deals you a bad card, to always get up with a smile on your face and share love with those around you. She taught me that love always makes everything better.

May Mrs. Evans beautiful smile full of love touch your heart today.

A Question

Just finished a session with Diana Nyad. Wow!

Her story amazing and her message moving. So glad I’m here.

One thought I wish to keep here for me, and for you, is a question she posed…

“What are you actually doing with this wild and wonderful life you have been given?”

All In

Today Fearsome has to sit through one of my motivational conferences. Brian Buffini’s Mastermind Summit. He seems to enjoy it, I love it. We will share words of wisdom after the conference compilation tomorrow evening. Last night Les Brown reminded us that we all…all of us….have greatness within.

The room of three thousand starting to fill this morning. "All in to win!"

The room of three thousand starting to fill this morning. “All in to win!”

TED Talk … Brene Brown

I like TED Talks. Most are inspirational, some motivational and all make me think.  I usually learn something. I don’t watch them often enough.

I was introduced to Brene Brown on one of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday episodes. I really like Brene Brown. The show made me aware of this TED Talk but I took my time getting around to watching it. I find her funny, entertaining and very insightful. Her message resonates with me so I am sharing it with you. It’s twenty minutes that I think you will find worth it.

I will let her message speak for itself. Enjoy!

Attitude adds up

When I get a new follower I try, time allowing, to get over to their blog and check it out. I often leave a comment or like a post and follow if the content is resonating with me. Recently I got a follow from a blog in a different language. I checked a few post and couldn’t understand as it was a launguage that I had absolutely no knowledge of whatsoever. Just as I was about to leave the page I hit a post that had just one portion in English. It had a good message that I knew I had to share.

I took a quick screenshot of the English part, left a comment that I would like to share it and clicked off to get back to work. The next day as I sat down to write my post I went to my followers so I could give proper credit. The blog was no longer following me. Crap! The screenshot didn’t show the name of the blog and I had no way to find out where this came from. So I decided to wait and see if this follower came back, or if I could somehow trace back to give credit. Nothing.

So to everyone out in wordpressland… One of you inspired me and I thank you for it. I am rewriting the inspiration in my own text but it was one of you who gave me the insight and the meat of this post:

It seems that numerical forces and our English alphabet have conspired to send us an important message. If one were to give a numerical value to each letter of the alphabet in order from 1 to 26 the truth about 3 words adds up, giving us confirmation of the true value of these words.



K N O W L E D G E is powerful and will get you far.            11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5=96%

H A R D W O R K is even more powerful and will take you further. 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11=98%

A T T I T U D E is the sure fired way to get there and anywhere you want to go. 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100%