Challenge day 11

Back from the brink of stomach flu hell, we surface by merely sticking our toe into the water. Amidst queasy gurgles of bloating gas with now only intermittent runs to the toilet, I possibly feel good enough to actually concentrate. I open the book and start my read only to realize I was but two pages from the beginning of its next chapter when I last stopped. I’ll take this as a suggestion from above as a testing of the waters and only report back on my two page read as to keep each chapter separated.

Today’s read: pages 135-137, section 5 of Toolbox.

Words create sentences and sentences create paragraphs. Like a carpenter building a mansion, the writer builds one paragraph at a time. Stephen encourages me to construct out of my own volcabulary, my own knowledge of grammar and of my own basic style. I must stay level on level and shave even every door and I can build whatever I like – whole mansions if I wish.

Let us not forget we are discussing a learned skill but sometimes we can agree that the most basic skills can create things far beyond our expectations. Stephen says I’d do well to remember that we are also taking about magic.

Why we call SoCal home…


I don’t know what it is about San Diego, Los Angeles and Southern California as a whole but whatever it is, it is home. Maybe it’s the sun, the air, the mountains, breezes, ocean, hills, freeways, people, cars, homes, cities, suburbs, hopes, dreams, vistas, countryside, beaches, life, joy, fashion, magic, attitude, possibilities, absurdity, freedoms, love, expression, beauty, people, diversity, aspirations, desert, wildlife, vibration, temperature, light, opportunities, allure…or maybe just the illusion.

When I sat with a dear friend in a dark theatre in my second home, Ft. Lauderdale Florida, one evening in early January this scene opened La La Land. Tears of joy steamed out of my eyes, into Fearsome then dripped upon my shirt. The beauty, hope and life of the place I love were right there upon the big screen. I saw a celebration of life and of home. Life as a carefully coreagraphed song and dance upon a closed freeway overpass. Beauty is simply where one finds it, as it is always there.

This is my home.

I wish you love in your home. Feel it, embrace it.

🎶Another day of sun, It’s just another day of sun!🎵


Believe in magic? Yup, sure do.

Driving in traffic for a few last minute items on December 24, I became so overwhelmed at the beauty of it all that Fearsome had to come to my rescue by absorbing the tears of joy that were blurring my vision.

Life is magic.

The movement, interactions, energy, chaos, order and existence of it all.

I find that if I get out of myself, or simply get out of selfishness, I can just be in the moment. Being in the moment I can appreciate, enjoy, observe, discover, share, give, contribute and experience.

Life is diverse. Life is wonderment. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and it can be, even in holiday traffic.

Life is magic.

What makes it all work? How did we get here? What’s going to happen? What is the purpose? These questions can perplex us, stress us and confuse us. Or, if these questions pop into my head, I can choose to wonder about them with amazement, excitement and anticipation of the wonderful miracles that lie ahead.

Yeah there has been shit in my life. There has been some shit in all of our lives. However in my life there has been, continues to be and will be a lot more good than bad. In fact sometimes what seems to be bad in the moment turns out to be fabulous in the end.

Just walk through it, walk through all of it and look for good. When I do that, I find good and sometimes I find great. I just have to keep walking through it and avoid the temptation to avoid.

Life, it truly is magic.

Movie Beard

The phrase “Friendship is Magic” is usually associated with this show:

My Little Pony, which is one of Fearsome’s favorites. He qualifies as a “Brony” in my book. Although I have to admit I rather enjoy the cartoon myself.

I am on the east coast visiting family at the moment, as is evident by yesterday’s Beard of the Day featuring my nephew, his son and Fearsome Himself. Being on the east coast means I’ve spent some time aboard yet another United Airlines 737-900. Flying means movie time.

My physical therapist, who has been taking great care of the shoulder, recommended a couple movies that were her all time favorites. She seems to be a spirit that is rather kindred to my own, so I took her up on her recommendation. On this flight out I chose to watch this one:

Fearsome and I agree that there is one word that sums up our feelings about this film. That word is “Beautiful”.

It is one of those late 1980s flicks that we somehow had missed. We are indebted to the physical therapist for her recommendation, kindred spirit she is. This film grabbed us, held us and enriched us.

What the hell does My Little Pony have to do with Bagdad Cafe?

There is a common message. Friendship truly is magic. All we need to do is be open to friendship, cherish friendship and cherish each other. We all have common threads. We simply must just allow ourselves to show the least amount of vulnerability and magic happens.

We give this film two mustache tips curled up!

Sacrificial dreams

So a few days back I posted THIS, which was inspired by THIS.

I’ve been contemplating my words every day since I wrote that post. I believe in the magic that is life. I believe in my power to create and your power to create. In that post I wrote these words:

“We, the Better Half and I, work hard. We dream. We act. We give. We appreciate. We love. Sure sometimes the shit hits the fan. The shit only becomes a problem if we focus on it. As long as we look beyond the shit and focus on the important end goal, things happen. Good things happen.”

Therein lies a key. Those words were meant to convey that while the magic is there, the magic isn’t necessarily “abracadabra” and “poof” your dreams are reality. It’s meant to point out that sometimes dreams involve work, that sometimes dreams are not without sacrifice.

I believe that if everything I desired just suddenly appeared in my hands that my life would be without meaning. My life would frankly be boring. The fun, the experience, is in the work. The sacrifice that I must make in order to achieve my goals and receive my dreams is what makes life rich. The riches I find at the end of my rainbow are fulfilling only if I achieve them myself…through my own action.

The fun is in the journey. The important part is to keep dreaming and setting new destinations so that things never get boring.

So what if some dreams don’t come true and I find some disappointment? Looking back on what happened I usually realize that I either didn’t fully want that missed dream, or there was something I wasn’t willing to sacrifice for it, or I simply had replaced it with a new goal. Some dreams are just that, a sacrifice that must be made for another…maybe just a stepping stone. It’s ok to glance back, but only glance …then look forward. Move forward toward your dreams.

Everything in my life started with a thought. I made those thoughts into my reality. Some take work and some come easy but they all come to me through my own magic. My magic is the magic that is life itself, the miracle that is me. The same miracle that is you.

Go ahead, dream your dream. Before you know it another one of your dreams will be yours. Want to speed up the process? Feel gratitude for what you’ve achieved thus far. Want your dreams even faster? Help someone else toward their dream and you’ll be amazed at what happens. Amazed.