Irish Celebration

Although I’ve posted this one some Saint Paddy’s Day a few years ago, we will post it again as Fearsome rather lines it.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Irish Celebration – 2011

Have fun, share peace, spread happiness and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Macklemore Christmas

It’s Christmas Time – Macklemore feat. Dan Caplen – 2019

For those who regularly read throughout the year, you will see why this video resonates with me at this time. Christmas will just be different without our dear Mitzi and Virgil this year for we will deeply miss them.

Hazel, may your first Christmas with us be amazing.

Love, hugs and wet kisses!

In remembrance of Virgil and Mitzi 



It has now been just over 50 years since the raid of The Stonewall Inn.

We’ve come a long way.

Now isn’t the time to turn back.

Live, love, hope and vote like your life depends on it. Because? Because your life and freedoms actually do depend on your participation, on your vote.

Happy San Diego Pride Y’all!


Now I know Y’alls know Fearsome loves him some Macklemore…

We’s a decided to post a Downtown video off with another Fearsome favorite Lady Antebellum…

But it sure ain’t complete without rounding it out with the original Petula Clark, now is it not?…

Whatchu think?



Thrift Shop

I’ve long been a thrift shop shopper. I’ve found some pretty good finds. Let’s look back…there’s the mint condition navy Peacoat, numerous georgeous vintage tuxedos, a number of full military uniforms, some never used Kitchen Aid gadgets, Pendleton shirts, a vintage 1960s swag lamp, antique brass floor lamps, Official Padres gear, a brand new 100 % cotton Bates Queen Elizabeth bedspread … to the oversized American flag that I fly on certain holidays suspended from the gable of the house ( I suspect it once covered a coffin, but what better way to honor a lost soldier?) I’ve given many a worthy item a new life. Thrift shopping can be fun and worthwhile.

I haven’t been in a while. Recently I am realizing things that I enjoy, but have let fall by the wayside. Tomorrow morning after my first appointment I think I’m stopping by my favorite one. I don’t need anything. However I might find something I need that I don’t yet know I need. I have to admit in my past I have gone to many a store to leave empty handed. This might just be the case tomorrow, but I enjoy it and I need to treat myself to what I enjoy.

Fearsome buds know Fearsome likes Macklemore. He ask that I post the tune that introduced us to Macklemore. Apparently Macklemore understands the colorful joy that thrift shopping can be.


🎶I wear your granddad’s clothes🎶I look incredible🎶This is fucking awesome!🎶


Irish Celebration

Happy St. Patrick’s day from Fearsome!

He’s got a little Irish in him. He longs to see Ireland one day. He will.

Apparently Macklemore has a little Irish in him as well. Fearsome likes Macklemore, his music and his messages.

Fearsome hopes that you enjoy this celebration. He found this video today. Listening to it, Fearsome realized he has something in common with Macklemore that makes him respect him even more.

My best bid Clayton all dressed up to tend bar tonight at Urban Mo's St. Patrick's celebration (his real beard, not his real color...)

My best bud Clayton all dressed up to tend bar tonight at Urban Mo’s St. Patrick’s celebration (his real beard, not his real color…)