Put on your Yamaka, here comes Chanukah

This year we mark the first evening of Chanukah by not only lighting the first candle of Fearsome’s menorah at sundown, but also but posting Adam Sandler’s original classic  from 1994 Here Comes Hanukkah. 

Happy Hannukah! May peace, love, light and laughter be yours.


Blogging benefits

Laughter is incredibly good medicine.

Learning to lighten up and not take oneself so seriously lends itself to laughing more easily.

Allowing oneself to enjoy silly humor is often a great reliever of stress.

Blogging is allowing me to look at myself. When I step back and look at myself I find it best not to take myself too serious. I find humor in me, what I do and the things I find silly. Allowing myself to laugh, frees me of stress, allows me to become centered and gifts me the ability to grow.

Blogging has benefits. Benefits like being able to post this video.

Boys Don’t Cry – I Wanna Be A Cowboy

Red Ramen Red Ramen

One of my recently discovered secret personal YouTube indulgences is The Katering Show. I find it hilarious and Fearsome gets in some good giggles with each episode.

After some discussion between us we decided to bring McCartney and McKlennan to Fearsome Beard for their beard blog debut. We certainly hope you find them as entertaining as we do.



It’s Sunday evening and it’s been a busy day. I didn’t even get to post one thing until a few moments ago I finally had a moment to get Beard of the day up. Busy is good so that makes it a good day.

I found the Beard of the day pic quite humorous and that got me onto laughter. I believe that laughter is healing. I try to laugh as much as I can but sometimes I still get too serious and have to stop and remind myself to laugh. Laughing at myself will often help in a situation like that.

So as usual when thinking of a post I Googled laughter. Google gets a lot of hits from me, I hope they notice. That big fat Google rewards check would sure come in handy, I mean they do keep track of rewards points….right?

Hopefully one if these quotes will brighten your day and maybe even help make a humdrum Monday better. All you have to do is click to make it larger.


Laughter is just a smile having an orgasm. Go ahead and treat your beautiful smile to one!

Laughter is just a smile having an orgasm. Go ahead and treat your beautiful smile to one!

Fearsome Humor

There are not many who are more Fearsome than Betty White. This skit is a classic. I wish I could find a full size copy but there is just not one availble that I can find. The audio is good and the audio is all one needs since this is supposed to be radio. If you missed this skit, it is a must. If you’ve seen it I bet you watch it again cause it’s just too damn good!

Laughter helps us grow! Enjoy….