Put on your Yamaka, here comes Chanukah

This year we mark the first evening of Chanukah by not only lighting the first candle of Fearsome’s menorah at sundown, but also but posting Adam Sandler’s original classic  from 1994 Here Comes Hanukkah. 

Happy Hannukah! May peace, love, light and laughter be yours.


Cleaning day

Ahhh, relax. It’s evening now and candle number three has been lit on the menorah. I write to stay up a little longer because if I shut my eyes, sandman would enter my room. It’s only 7:58 pm for god sake.

Why so tired you ask? Long day I reply. After my 6:30 am trip to the gym and 1.5 hour workout I grabbed some breakfast, fed the pooches, got cleaned up and made appointments to show homes tomorrow. Then it was time for the real work. Today was my second of my twice yearly carpet cleaning days. The other is always in June.

Our 95 year old craftsman has beautiful hardwood floors. Hardwoods floors, for a man of my persuasion, spells many Persian rugs. Remember I said fed the pooches in the last paragraph. Six pooches and oriental rugs means I own my own professional carpet cleaner. Yes I do it myself.

All in all, I moved furniture and cleaned rugs for six straight hours. Then ran by my office, stopped at the grocery and cooked dinner. I just finished putting everything back in place and I am feeling my fifty something years quite well at this moment.

Deep cleaning cleanses me as much as it does my home. The body had six hours of labor and the head had six hours of bliss. I could think, talk to myself, hum tunes, laugh, remember, regret, forgive and contemplate….all  while accomplishing something that I feel good about. My home is clean. The housekeeper does the basics each week. I occaisionally take a day to  go deeper. Deeper into the cleaning of my house and deeper into my head to clear out that clutter too.

Now if I could just get motivated to clean my desk.