Realizing Gratitude

I’ve long believed that gratitude can lead one to a happier, heathlier and more fulfilling life. From my own experience it’s often easy to get caught up in life’s stressors and loose sight of what is really important.

What is really important to me are the simple blessings. Love, family, friends, fun and health are examples. Just appreciating the simple things can keep me on track. Taking time to notice the beauty of a lily blooming in the yard can brighten my day and set my mood to discover more beauty. A smile given to a stranger, then seeing it returned, gives me a warm comfort.

Keeping an attitude of gratitude does take some effort, but I find it easy effort. Rewarding effort. The more I practice it, the more it does become habit. Habits become part of us, part of our being, part of our soul. I wish to continue my path realizing gratitude whenever, wherever possible.

I started a new meditation series today (3 days late, but started) that I mentioned about a month ago. The first meditation was wonderful. The meditation series of 21 days is called Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude. It is online and it is free. If you are interested it’s not too late if you sign up by Friday to get all of them in before they expire. If the rest are like the first, you will not be disappointed.

You can sign up by just clicking HERE.


Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude

Meditation always helps me be and feel better, when I actually do it. One of the ways I’ve found I will do it regularly for at least 3 weeks consistently is when I sign up for one of the free online mediation series offered by Deepak Chopra.

Yesterday I got the e mail, there’s a new one coming up in July, Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude. So as I have in the past I am sharing it here just in case there is another who wishes to get into, or back into, meditation. They are free, simple and easy. The meditations take about 20 minutes each and come into your email every day.

I’ve been corrected before, by a gentle reader, that this is not real meditation. Well for me they are a beginning, and they work to center me. I feel better, get more done and have a clearer focus … when I do them. So for me they are meditation. If you are like me then maybe you will enjoy them as well.

You can sign up for them HERE. There is a sample meditation right there to try before you sign up. Enjoy!


Do Facebook likes and comments matter?

Does the opinion of others, especially those who we are not close to us or we probably don’t even know, matter? Should one take personally a derogatory comment from an unknown person? What if that comment is humor, humor that hurts? Racist?

We all know from being in this cyber world that there are people who say inappropriate things shielded behind the Internet. People who feel it necessary to make them selves (or so they think) look clever or superior at the expense of others. I feel these cyber bullies are just that. Bullies. People with a low enough opinion of themselves that they must put others down to build themselves up.

No, I know what you are thinking, nothing has happened here of recent. Not since that couple of weeks when I had a racist at hand who’s comments didn’t make it to the blog. Whoever it was went away. I didn’t give them enough attention for them to stick around.

I read something today that got my attention about this. What I read was disturbing. Things that were meant as mean humor directed at beautiful people to hurt them. These bullies fancied themselves as superior. Well they aren’t.

What matters is what we think of ourselves. True success, true beauty is within us. Not from the number of likes we get. Not the compliments, awards, accolades or outward achievements. Sure those things are nice, but they are not success nor beauty.

Success and beauty is treating others who can do nothing for us with grace expecting nothing for ourselves.

Success is getting the kids ready for school, letting someone into traffic ahead of us who needs to get to work, complimenting a stressed bank teller for a job well done or a nice hairstyle, helping a overloaded co-worker finish their task when we are finished with ours so they can get home to their family on time…rather than wasting our time hitting the like button on Facebook until we can clock out. Beauty is smiling at someone who needs a smile, picking up the grocery item an elderly woman has dropped, going out of your way to find the owner of a wallet or keys you found, calling a friend that you may not know that well … but know is in a rough spot to say hello and see if they want to have coffee, reading a bedtime story to your child when you are so tired you can hardly see the page and making the characters come to life for them.

Success and beauty are simply living a good life. Success and beauty don’t need nor want likes on Facebook, nor do they care what some fool comments about a photo of them. Both are in each one of us. All we have to do is reach in, pull them out and give them to those around us. When doing that, we need nothing else.