Mystery of love

As far as the movie goes, I wasn’t very familiar. We rented the movie on iTunes and watched it during the Academy Awards Show since it was a nominee. Wasn’t a flick I really had an interest in seeing.

Then again the universe works as it should and I watched it. Beautiful film of innocence, love and understanding.

But then there is this:


I haven’t been moved by a piece of music like this in a long while. The movie awakened many a distant memory and revived many a treasured emotion. It’s theme song, this song, reminds me to be forever grateful for all the love that has ever touched my life. Love that lasted, love that was lost, love that maybe never came to be and even Love that hurt.

Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens (Call Me By Your Name)


I’ve decided to add the Academy Award performance of this beautiful tune that I missed while watching the film.

Coming in September

The base story is true, the movie embellished and charachters portrayed not necessarily exactly the ones responsible. Yes… Hollywood producers need the box office, however the story needs to be told and remembered. It was the ones actually there at Stonewall we can thank for where we are today. Stonewall jump-started the movement.

I wish to thank those  who rioted, as well as those who walked through the times after the riot.

(Credit for my finding this trailer goes out to Joe Jervis over at Joe.My.God)