Marigold Bridge

It’s Dia De Los Muertos

For Dia De Los Muertos at my house this photo of myself and a certain Mistress with Anne Marie and Todd are on my Ofrenda so they can cross and visit me.

Todd, Fearsome, Maddie & Anne Marie

At the suggestion of The Mistress I will leave a bottle of Gin on the Ofrenda as well to make sure they show up!

Padres Win!

Last night our much loved San Diego Padres won the National League  Western Division Championship vs the heavily favored Los Angeles Dodgers. This week they now move on to face the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Championship series. The National League Champions will then move on to the World Series starting October 28.

This is particularly bittersweet for me a long time Padres fan. The reason I say this is because one of our most beloved bloggers and a much loved friend of mine, Anne Marie in Philly, and I both shared our love of baseball. We would support each other when one of our teams was facing a particular rival and we would poke sarcastic fun at each other when our teams faced each other. Never once in our friendship did our teams end up playing each other for a championship spot.

I dreamed of one day flying into Philly and surprising her with tickets to a Padres vs Phillies game and had hoped to actually plan a trip to do so when Covid happened. Unfortunately we lost our beloved Anne Marie in Philly the next spring after that Covid summer and I never got to make the trip.

I dedicate this post to her. This is a moment in time that we both only dreamed of, I sure wish we could share it together. I will attend every game that I can of the series here in San Diego in her honor. I will be rooting for my team, not hers, but I know she will be looking down on us and rooting for her team from the other side.

To her I say “ Congrats Anne Marie, our teams made it! May the best team win!”

… oh and Anne Marie, I sure do miss you.

Shake Your Pants

I like the way you dance.

Cameo – Shake Your Pants – 1980

One of the favorite tunes of my life’s soundtrack. It’s from my days in high school and we tore up that dance floor with this one. May it help you cut your Saturday Night Dance Party rug.

A year ago today

A year ago today I posted this photo for the second time.
The first time I posted it right after the delightful meal we all shared in Philly.
Last year it was posted in loving memory of our dearest Warrior Queen.
Today I post it in memory of both Anne Marie and Todd.

Todd, Fearsome, Mistress Maddie and Anne Marie

Our blogger friend Old Lurker has an incredible tribute HERE

Todd and Anne Marie, we miss you but are grateful that you are still in our hearts. You always will be. Smooches!