Exercise and contemplation

Workouts are a place I contemplate. Let the endorphins flow and the mind wonder.

Did I leave the stove on? Is that guy over there really doing that? How can I contribute to world peace? Wow, she thinks that looks good on her ass? Oh shit I forgot to call that client back. Oooooh he’s hot! Well look at that they cleaned the mirrors. Should I increase the weight on this machine?

You get it, mostly nonsense.

Once in a while though I do actualy come up with ideas, remember something useful or plan my day ahead. Other times I often think of people places or things of my past and wonder what happened or where they are. Lost friends, lost loves, classmates and coworkers.

Today it was a long lost love from many years ago.  A memory long forgotten, although bittersweet, as vivid today as it was many years ago. I could still smell him and feel the tingle from just that twinkle in his eye.

My gym:

Old photo from One of Fearsome's shorter moments, please don't worry.

Old photo from One of Fearsome’s shorter moments, please don’t worry.

World Gym San Diego plays hard rock throughout and often classic rock as well. When I went to my car to drive home this morning I wanted to continue the classic feel so I tuned my radio accordingly.

Classic Fleetwood Mac would carry me home and carry on that memory from so many years ago. Funny how a song that I so closely related to that love, followed on the radio right after my walk down memory lane. The words, music and rhythms appropriate then and still today.

I sure hope he found love, peace and happiness. I know I did.