Iron Cowboy Does 50/50/50

On July 25, 2015 James Lawrence, AKA Iron Cowboy, completed his 50th Ironman in 50 days in 50 states.

An Ironman Triatholon consists of a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile bicycle ride completed with a 26.2 (full marathon) mile run…all in a row in one day. To officially be an “Ironman” these have to be completed in 17 hours or less.

Needless to say I ran into James Lawrence on the web searching for beards. He has one, as do his two wing men. I found him while he was in the process of completing numerous Ironmans working toward his goal. Last night I found this video by Rich Roll, AKA Vegan Ultraman, and was inspired. Not inspired to become an Ironman or an Ultraman, but inspired by the human spirit to work toward and complete a goal.

I take today to contemplate the human spirit. I challenge myself to pick out one thing I wish to improve in my life, to set a goal and take the first step toward that goal.

Have a Fearsome Saturday!

Me me, oh me

Sometimes it’s easy to feel less than. Sometimes I can get into a pity party. I can catch myself focusing on what’s wrong; my shoulder hurts, my knees grind, I’m stiff or the I’m getting old mantra. I can let these little maladies affect how I feel and sometimes keep me from going to the gym or getting to yoga.

When I’m good I realize it’s just a temporary ache and I get myself to the gym and I ultimately feel better. Yesterday was one of those days. I got there and I felt better.

My gym is World Gym San Diego. It’s a busy gym, a big gym. There are average joes like me and there are many personal trainers about and tons of competitive body builders. It is THE gym in San Diego for body builders, the ones who compete. So it’s quite an entertaining show every time I go. I don’t only think some of them live there, I know they must. They can give me inspiration, entertain my sick sense of humor and are eye candy as well.

The body builders are not what caught my attention yesterday. It was the two war veterans that I see often. They workout together. They are both about 30 years old, both are handsome and both have beards. One of them has both arms, an artificial leg and a brace on the other leg he still has. The other has one arm, period. Yes this means two artificial legs from above the knees and one artificial arm from above the elbow. These two tear it up. They use most of the equipment, workout regularly and do it themselves. It’s an amazing sight, an inspiration.

The “poor little me” that has a creaky knee and a sore shoulder has no leg to stand on, not even an artificial one. I am blessed. These two war vets are blessed as well. They are blessed with an attitude to get out there and live. They excercise with the champion competitors. They are in great physical shape. They are go getters. I am blessed to have a few aches and pains. I am blessed to be able to witness the strength these young men have to overcome what would keep many a man at home in a wheelchair. I am blessed with a gym that has diversity and acceptance of the little guy, the champion and the challenged all working together beside each other.

Yesterday I realized we all are champions for making the effort and working on ourselves.

Fearsome you ask? What does he do at the gym? He is comfortable just hanging out and inspiring others to just grow. I haven’t yet gotten him to do one single bench press (yet being the key word).