A Little Pride Music

After posting We Are Family in honor of our dear Anne Marie In Philly, Fearsome decided to do a daily post during Pride month featuring tunes that mean something to him during Pride month.
Tonight we kick it off with a classic in honor of a hero in our community.

Ginger Minj and company – I Am What I Am – 2016

Slay Bells

We here at Fearsome Beard love our Drag Queens, and Manila Luzon never lets us down. She simply outdoes herself with her sickening version of Slay Bells!

Manila Luzon – Slay Bells – 2015

Damn she’s beautiful!

‘Tis the season

Fearsome is overcome with so many favorite holiday tunes that tonight he has asked me to post two of his favorites.

We kick it off with Rascal Flatts I’ll be home for Christmas

We continue with the original Santa Baby by Ertha Kitt

Although not exactly an Xmas tune,  as a bonus we post the comical Sisters from the classic film White Christmas, this is the full scene including the drag reprise performance by Bing & Danny.


‘Tis the Season

Fearsome continues his tradition tonight of posting his all time seasonal favorites.

Tonight’s selection is Wishing You a Drag Queen Christmas.

Because? Because you, you deserve to be gorgeous!

🎵With Platform heels so high, you’ll look angels in the eye, and they will sing back up for you oo o ooo!🎶

The Realness

Ru Paul does it again

Fearsome is on Team Kim Chi.



I have to admit that so am I.

Tomorrow is the final episode of Season 8 Ru Paul’s Drag Race. It’s been a great season and all three finalists are amazing. However Kim Chi caught our eye before the season started and when episode 1 hit airwaves we were ecstatic to see Kim Chi was a contestant.

She has not disappointed. She is truly an artist of illusion.

“What actually is the function of worry?”

That quote comes from the 2014 season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. It’s quite profound.

Adore Delano asks Courtney Act “What do you worry most about this competition?” To which Courtney replies “What actually is the function of worry?”

Ok… so first Fearsome has a couple of indulgences other than Major League Baseball, Comic-Con and Led Zeppelin. One of those other indulgences is he watches Ru Paul’s Drag Race. He got hooked the year Chad Michaels of San Diego was a contestant. Besides what could be equally an example of comfort with your own masculinity than having a beard? Wearing a dress? Well the point of this post is not to debate that, but to contemplate Courtney’s statement.

“What actually is the function of worry?”

It doesn’t accomplish anything actually. It takes time and energy. It causes stress. One can become obsessed with it. It doesn’t change an outcome. It can ruin your mood and your day.

Sure we all have negative thoughts that can lead to worry, but why worry? Why not let that negative thought pass and focus on a good outcome? Take a step in the direction of where you want to go? Get in the game of life and work to create something wonderful?

Fearsome believes it’s what we choose to focus on. How we each decide to look at it. We have the ability to choose, so why choose worry?