Meet Oliver

The San Diego Humane Society listing for a pup now named Oliver.

As many of you dear readers know we lost our beloved Gilda to old age on April 19. She was an amazing Belgian Shepard whom we rescued done 14 years ago who lived until almost her 17th birthday. When she passed I knew that another dog would come into our lives at some point. Most likely a dog that needed help just as she had.

Last Monday May 24 a video popped into my YouTube feed from the San Diego Humane Society. I clicked play and then made a comment that he was a handsome boy.

The very next day on Tuesday I was scheduled to meet with my friend and SDHS philanthropy representative Carol to make a donation in the honor of Gilda. It was a beautiful day and we sat out on the patio to catch up since Covid had kept me away from an in person meeting for more than a year. I even got to meet the SDHS President, Gary Weitzman’s, new Shepard pup as we got caught up on all the changes around the shelter as well as the new programs that are in the works.

After we met, Carol took me on a tour of the medical facilities and then at my request, the adoption floor. I wasn’t looking for Stubbs but recognized him immediately from his You Tube video when we walked past his kennel. He seemed sweet but was way larger than I have ever even desired a dog for my home, much larger than Gilda ever was and she was large for me. We kept on moving and I saw many more dogs. There was a chihuahua that caught my eye but nothing clicked that bell saying this is the one. We said goodbye and I went home.

However Stubbs and the Chihuahua both stayed on my mind. So on Wednesday I e-mailed Carol and she put me in touch with an adoption counselor. I set up an appointment to come in and meet the two pups Thursday morning.

The chihuahua was definitely sweet and much more my cup of tea, but Stubbs needed help. Turns out he had been found abandoned and tied up to a coffee shop railing in the La Jolla area of San Diego on April 25. Severely malnourished and underweight he had mange, mites, pyoderma, ear infections, severe skin infections, diarrhea and had very little fur left anywhere on his body. He was a dog that should weight 80-85 lbs who weighed in at 54lbs upon admission. By the time I met him and in these photos he has gained 10 lbs and you can still see every bone in his body.

Oliver, AKA Stubbs, at the San Diego Humane Society.

I didn’t adopt Stubbs at that moment but I made an appointment to come back Friday afternoon at 3:30 so The Better Half could meet both. As many of you know, Friday morning I received the news our beloved Anne Marie had passed away. I was devastated. At least I had something to look forward to in the afternoon.

The Better Half came home from work and off to SDHS we went. The adoption counselor greeted us and asked which one we wanted to meet with first. I said Stubbs. We were escorted into the agility yard and Stubbs was brought in. He was just a wonderful gentle soul who exudes love and joy even though he’s in such poor condition and obvious discomfort. It was a match. Ken looked at me and said “this is what we do, we rescue those who need us the most”.

After some paperwork, he was in the car and off to Petsmart for supplies we were going to need then home to meet the pack.

Strange people in a strange car, but he warmed up quickly and by the time we got home he was realizing he was safe and he was loved.

Meet the pack he did and he did very well, although Patsy still isn’t very joyful about it but she will warm up.

Oliver became his name in that short trip home as Oliver means “of the olive tree” and the olive tree means “Friendship”, he couldn’t be a friendlier guy. It just fit. He is adjusting well, knows how to sit and stay, is verbally expressive like a husky when interacting and he has not yet barked. He’s been to his new vet and has a dermatologist consult next week. He walks well on his leash, has had two baths and just a few days later he seems more comfortable in his skin.

Oliver at home, even though there are Pads on the floor of his temporary room and so far he’s seems to be housebroken.

Oliver is just a big goofy gentle soul who has a forever home with two men and 5 little dogs who love him.
He’s even a gentleman when riding to the vet!

Co-pilot Oliver

My heart is filled with joy. Oliver is a gift of love and joy!

First year

Just over a year ago we fostered then adopted Phoebe.

Shortly after Phoebe joined our pack, Betty came home with us as a foster. As either you know or guessed she was also permanently adopted.

The Better Half, Phoebe, Betty and Fearsome

Both Betty & Phoebe were rescued by the San Diego Humane Society from a horrid hoarding situation. Today more than a year later they are happy healthy little girls.

Abner(looking away), Phoebe, Betty & Patsy

Originally 92 Yorkies were found confined in a dark filthy room within a home here in a San Diego Suburb. They became known as The 92 Yorkies. Several weeks later another 30 or so were discovered hidden in a back room of a restaurant that the residents of the house owned. Then again several weeks after that one of the guilty owners was arrested in a motor home in Nevada escaping with yet another 40 or so Yorkies.

Betty and Phoebe were in that last rescue out of that escaping motor home.

We take a moment to honor the San Diego Humane Society for their heroic efforts and to also congratulate Betty & Phoebe for their first anniversary as part of our loving pack.

When all was said and done and the pregnant females all gave birth the total of rescued Yorkies came close to 200. We are honored and blessed that two of those came to our home and my father in law adapted a third one named Apple.


Apple and Fearsome’s Dad-in-Law

Luxating Patellas

Our beautiful little recent family additions, Phoebe & Betty, came into our home due in part to their continuing medical needs …and honestly because I fell in love with them.

Betty & Phoebe

They weren’t just your average three pound cute little homeless 1 year old Yorkshire Terriers who would have been adopted before they even made it into the shelters. They are both medical needs fur babies who had grade 4 Medial Luxating Patellas. In other words the inbreeding that occurred to create smaller than normal dogs in the puppy mill to which they were born, led them to have a hereditary birth defect where their tiny little knee caps aren’t in the groove on the front of their tiny knees, but off to the insides of both legs completely leaving bone on bone scraping.

Thanks to The San Diego Humane Society, these two escaped the hell of a total of 170+ Yorkies being hoarded in one house that was obviously breeding and selling to boutique puppy markets. They had been at the shelter since February under contestant medical care for severely infected ears & hernias while they awaited medical fosters. We came along in May and fostered them to adopt, starting with Phoebe and adding Betty 5 days later, and adopt we did. We are blessed with the means and the ability to give them the surgeries they will need to correct their birth defects.

Successful is what their surgeon said when he called me after each one had their first leg operated on. Complicated was a term he described their tiny tiny knee cap surgeries. Betty’s being a bit more involved than Phoebe’s more straightforward anatomy defect. Their surgeries were yesterday. We will not see them for about 10 days. Last night was lonely in my bed without them. The surgeon’s wife is their physical therapist and will keep them to manage their pain and to get them started on the road to recovery. Once they can bear weight on the leg with the cast and can take a step they will get to come home. She will work with us training us to continue their therapy and meeting with us to check progress and add more excercises.

In six weeks they will go for their second surgeries to complete the needed repairs. In about 8 months we will complete their therapy and have two almost normal tiny 3 lb Yorkies who will be able to have long, healthy and hopefully pain free lives.

A day of giving

Our recent additions to our family, Betty & Phoebe, were two of the little Yorkies rescued from the same horrible situation in which Rylee was found.



Most shelters would simply have euthanized Rylee when faced with more than 180 dogs in a single rescue. Not San Diego Humane Society, SDHS has been at zero euthanasia since July 2014. Their mission is to stay that way making San Diego County, which is the size of Connecticut, a no kill county. They are even taking in animals from shelters outside of San Diego County in order to prevent unnecessary euthanasia beyond the borders of San Diego.

That’s why we have stepped up our game and have committed ourselves to donating at least $5,000 annually to support them.

Even if you don’t live in San Diego, is it possible that you could spare $25 to help the wonderful mission of San Diego Humane Society?

If you have just a little extra, please open your heart and your wallet and just click HERE.

A little will go a long way to help those who love us but can’t speak for themselves.

Fearsome, Betty & Phoebe thank you!

Humane Leaders’ Circle


That’s the goal, Zero.

Zero adoptable and treatable pets being euthanized. Through medical treatment and behavioral rehabilitation all pets in permanent homes. Period.


We adopted our beloved Abner through our county dog pound as a spirit fund dog. He was a medical patient that required thousands of dollars worth of medical care to save his life and make him adoptable. The dog attack had left this little six pound poodle with multiple lacerations, an evicerated eye, many stitches and a broken foot. Today he is a happy and healthy nine pound cream colored poodle thanks to the generosity of people who cared to give to make him an adoptable boy.

Abner in March 2012 newly adopted.

Abner in March 2012, newly adopted.

Abner today a happy healthy boy.

Abner today, a happy healthy boy.

With Abner’s inspiration The Better Half and I set a goal to make the San Diego Humane Society a charity one of our choice charities. We set a goal to be able to give significantly as time progressed. Every dollar helps, every single one. We have been giving what we could as we went along. Thanks to the many blessings in our life, today we stepped up to the plate. We gave our first of hopefully many significant donations and joined the Humane Leaders’ Circle (go ahead click the link embedded there and learn more).

Zero. Zero euthanized is the goal. No kill, no way, not ever. Spay, neuter, foster, adopt, give. Forever homes is the ultimate goal. Years from now I hope this entry is one I will look back on with tears of gratitude for all we will have done to help. One little step at a time, each little step in the right direction, will make a big difference. Someone’s donation made all the difference for Abner. Abner made all the difference for us. It’s time for us to pay it forward.

Happy Dogiversary!

Nina officially found a permanent home with us one year ago today. You can also read about her discovery and rescue here, here and here. In other words after several days of foster care, she landed a permanent home here with us. She’s still a good dog, a wonderful dog.

Many of you will remember my posts about Nina a year ago and a couple of you even expressed interest in her if we weren’t able to find her a place. We are grateful for your outpouring of love and care. She is happy, healthy and still prefers the corner that she picked out the moment she walked into the house.

Quietly laying at my side, on her bed in her corner as I write.

Quietly laying at my side, on her bed in her corner as I write.

We love you Nina, we are so happy that you are in our family.

My girl’s Birthday

Patsy, the youngest girl in the pack, is six today!

Patsy was born in Tijuana in the dirt under an abandoned car across from my housekeeper’s home. When Celia saw that a mother dog had dug out a hole in the dirt and was giving birth she took the mother and her seven puppies in. Six girls and one boy were born that day six years ago. Only Patsy and her brother were adopted so Celia kept the rest including mom.

Celia still has all five of Patsy’s sisters and her mother passed away about a year ago. Celia still comes to work here once a week so Patsy gets to see grandma and smell all of her sisters weekly.

Patsy moved into our home at eight weeks of age, just six weeks before our fifteen year old chocolate lab, Diva, passed. Patsy would lay with Diva to stay warm and it looked as if Diva had a puppy of her own. With her coloring, Patsy keeps the chocolate in the family. We are blessed to have her.

Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday dear Patsy Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Patsy
Happy Birthday to you!

Now make a wish and blow out your candle so you can have your butter cake!

Now make a wish and blow out your candle so you can have your butter cake!

(I think she may have wished for the whole piece, but she had to share.)

Happy Birthday Nina!

Nina turns 12 years old today.

Fearsome Beard gives Nina a Birthday kiss.

Fearsome Beard gives Nina a Birthday kiss.

Nina’s rescue story started HERE

Her story continued HERE and HERE

She then got her permanent home HERE

Nina is a wonderful addition to our family. She is just one of the pack theses days. She’s still a very quiet girl and rarely if ever barks. Rescue dogs seem to be filled with gratitude. She is beautiful as her coat has filled in from the malnourished, flea bitten 11 year old dog that arrived here with breast cancer. She’s healthy, cancer free, happy and a very loving girl. We are blessed she found us.

Happy Birthday Nina, may you have many more happy and healthy ones!

Good dog needs a new home

As a realtor I run into these situations rarely but they do happen and I was made aware of this today. I went to meet her and she is as sweet as they come and very very well behaved. She took treats one at a time, sat on command and rolled over. Here is her story…

Nina was adopted by an older couple from the dog pound about 10 years ago. Unfortunately her owners both passed away. She used to live in the house with them but after they passed she was put outside in the yard alone. A neighbor has been feeding her and takes her to the dog park once in awhile. She gets along with other dogs well and behaves great off leash. She comes when called. She has been alone in the back yard of the empty house for months. The house has sold and she has nowhere to go. She will end up at the pound in a few days if I am not able to help her find a new home.

Anyone want a sweet sweet older girl who has lost her owners? She will love you dearly…..

My name is Nina and I need a loving new owner.

My name is Nina and I need a loving new owner.

I've got loving open arms!

I’ve got loving open arms!


My dog sitter has offered to foster her, but can’t keep her long term. I just got back from bathing her, applying flea medication and taking her for a walk . She is very well behaved on leash and just stood still for a bath in the back of the house where she is living as I gave it to her with a garden hose. My dog sitter has 3 dogs in a small apartment, I have five dogs so together we will foster her until we can get her a permanent home. So talk to your friends if you are reading this near San Diego as she will be a great companion …. And she will love you for the help.


Nina has been accepted into a rescue group, No Wagging Tails Left Behind. My dog sitter will foster her until she is placed. I will sponsor her and foot her bills until she is placed. Being that she is over 10 she would not do well in the shelter setting as older dogs of her age are harder to adopt out, but rescues have a different type of potential owners who are usually willing to take on dogs with needs or who will only be around for a few years. She remains in her yard and will move tomorrow to my dog sitters home 3 doors down from me. I went to visit her today and she is feeling so much better after the soothing oatmeal bath I gave her and her flea meds have taken affect. She has a bed that we took her last night as she had nothing but concrete and dirt that she has slept on for almost a year….behind an empty house.

Clean and happy to have a bed. She will hardly get off of it!

Clean and happy to have a bed. She will hardly get off of it!