Hope can be a complicated word for me. When one looks up the definition of hope the answers lean toward wish, or wishful thinking, however to me hope means more. Please don’t get me wrong as there is nothing wrong with wishful, but to me hope runs deeper.

Given that I am not a scholar, nor English major, I often look to the dictionary to help me refine the meanings of a word that I want or need for my expression. The typical definitions just don’t pinpoint the feeling I have behind the word hope.

To me hope is a very deep feeling, trust, desire and expectation for good. By this I mean good things that bring value. Values such as trust, honesty, equality, justice, kindness, service, humility, empathy, understanding and even love. Hope is something I feel from my being, my heart.

This morning I turned on this here iPad thingy to find news of hope coming from the election results in Georgia. Hope that restores my faith in us as a society. May this hope  live and grow.


Today’s Word

Fearsome feels that at times we should contemplate words we know and dig a little deeper. Therefore an occasional entry from this day forward will be titled Today’s Word.

These entries will ask the reader to take a moment to contemplate and go deeper into the meanings of a word, or even a feeling, in each readers own life. Most often a term of everyday vocabulary. Fearsome feels that sometimes a deeper understanding of meaning may be as beneficial, or maybe even more so, than an expanded lexicon.

So without further delay, let’s get this party started!


Or I guess one could also spell it Sinceriously.

...from The Urban Dictionary...

…from The Urban Dictionary…

I first encountered this term on a t-shirt while waiting to get into the Wednesday Preview Night at Comic-Con San Diego. I liked it. I then encountered it two more times during the next four days. Funny how once you notice something it gets on your radar. I like it as defined and plan to sinseriously start using it when appropriate.

So as I’ve contemplated it I’ve decided to submit another definition to The Urban Dictionary. I hope they accept it. Like many English words it can have more than one definition. Look at it from this angle;


A serious desire to go out and commit sin. Fun sin. Adultery, drunkeness, gambling, lust…you’re getting the picture. In a sentence it would be used as such;

I just planned out my trip to Las Vegas and I’m gonna sinseriously. That guy is so hot I just want to sinseriously with him. With all this booze we have for our party tonight, it’s time to sinceriously.

Fun with words I say!