Here comes the sun!

It’s the Spring equinox for 2022 and we are happy it’s here!

Boyce Avenue – Here Comes The Sun – Acoustic Beatles Cover – 2020


Tomorrow I’ll be planting sunflowers, the National flower of Ukraine. We support Ukraine.

Sunflowers posted in support of Ukraine

You should Be Dancing

San Diego Pride is always later than the other California Prides and celebrated the 2nd-3rd week of July every year. Pride week kicked off here today and will crescendo all week into next weekend. I was wondering how I would usher in our pride week and much to my delight Foo Fighters just dropped this Fabulous cover of a Bee Gees classic today.

Foo Fighters – Dee Gees / You Should Be Dancing – 2021

Happy San Diego Pride Ya’ll!

I Put A Spell On You

and now your mine!

We kick off Halloween Week with Broken Peach’s cover of Jay Hawkin’s 1956 holiday classic most recently made famous by Bette Midler in the 1993 film Hocus Pocus. 

Broken Peach – I Put A Spell On You – 2017

It’s Raining Men

The recent need for distraction from political reality that has us searching new talents on YouTube continues. About a week ago we discovered Broken Peach and plan to post several of their videos in the coming days. 
We decided to start with this awesome cover of a classic disco tune from our youthful gay club days. 

Broken Peach – The Weather Girls cover – It’s Raining Men – 2015

Don’t let hope become a memory

I feel like we’ve been posting more music than prose. I know that if I’m feeling that way that most likely that is the truth. However music is what is moving me right now and apparently Fearsome as well.

The other day when we posted about Paul Simon’s latest, called Wristband, we stumbled upon and interview where he was asked about a certain remake of his classic Sound of Silence by Disturbed. I wasn’t familiar with Disturbed. Even though I have never ever cared for Sound of Silence, for some unknown reason I was persuaded by Paul’s positive remarks about this cover to pop over to YouTube for a gander.

I was moved. I was also surprised as since I was a child I really disliked Sound of Silence.  I was so moved that this video and the music hasn’t left my head.

As YouTube does, other videos by Disturbed were recommended. I’m really starting to like these guys.

The words for the title of this post come from their song Light. The video is graphic. The lyrics and music are driving and positive. Definately words to contemplate.

I’ve been reminiscing as I am about to travel back east to help my mother sell off many of my father’s possessions. I’ve felt a bit stuck of recent and there are a few dark corners. Today I will contemplate how I can use the dark to show me the light.

Darkness is always there. Light is always there as well. Without the dark we wouldn’t appreciate the light. Appreciate that light I will.